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Artie Shaw & His Gramercy Five - I Can't Get Started

A surprisingly wonderful album from Artie Shaw — one that takes his older groove and nicely strips it down for the 50s, and which features some especially great guitar work from Tal Farlow ! Other players in the group include Hank Jones on piano, Joe Roland on vibes, Tommy Potter on bass, and Irv Kluger on drums — coming together in a loosely swinging mode that has lots of interplay on the longer-than-usual tracks on the set. Titles include the originals "When The Quail Come Back To Town", "Lugubrious", "The Grabtown Grapple", and "Lyric".
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Artie Shaw
His Gramercy Five
I Can't Get Started


1 The Grabtown Grapple (Shaw)  10:47
2 Lugubrious (Shaw)  3:06
3 I've Got A Crush On You (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:50
4 Tenderly (Lawrence, Gross)  4:43
5 I Can't Get Started (Gershwin, Duke)  2:56
6 Lyric (Shaw)  2:59
7 Imagination (Burke, VanHeusen)  4:43
8 Sunny Side Up (Shaw)  6:35
9 When The Quail Come Back To San Quentin (Shaw)  5:51


Artie Shaw - cl
Joe Roland - vb
Tal Farlow - g
Hank Jones - p
Tommy Potter - b
Irv Kluger - dr

Recorded at Fine Sound Studios, New York City ; September 1953 & February 1954


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