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Paul Bley - Floater/Syndrome [Complete Savoy Sessions]

"The sound of Paul Bley's trio brings to mind Lennie Tristano immediately as this recording begins, and for once Bley is playing with a heavy enough touch so that an appropriately dark-toned curtain shrouds the music; out of this bursts a series of blues choruses that are incredibly inspired. Thus begins one of Bley's most enjoyable albums, a recording from New York City in the early '60s that has been issued in close to ten different versions. The acquisition of these tapes by the French BYG label right away spells trouble, especially for anyone hoping to collect royalties. Jazz fans will encounter several different cover photographs for these loose "Footloose !" releases, even involving several different pipes being smoked by Bley. What pipe did he actually smoke for these sessions ? For once imperfect recording quality greatly enhances the music. Pete LaRoca's aggressive cymbal work is all over the place, and it is joyous. [...] Bley is at a juncture in his playing here that might be inevitably the most pleasing to fans of his different periods. There are plenty of passages where he utilizes space in his playing, but he hasn't gotten to the point of approximating slow motion, utilizing more bouncy medium tempos. The playing has plenty of intricacies about it, but it isn't offered up soaked in the sound of an expensive ECM reverb unit, sparing it an uncomfortable aura of preciousness. The piano is even a touch out of tune, giving some of the tunes a Floyd Cramer quality."
Eugene Chadbourne, All Music Guide

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Paul Bley
Complete Savoy


1 Floater (Bley)   6:28
2 When Will The Blues Leave ? (Coleman)  6:07
3 Around Again (Bley)  4:10
4 Stereophrenic (Baker)  5:06
5 Crossroads [A.k.a. The Circle With The Hole In The Middle] (Coleman)  5:08
6 Syndrome (Bley)  7:09
7 Ballad n° 1 (Bley)   4:29
8 King Korn (Bley)   3:59
9 King Korn [alternate Take] (Bley)   4:17
10 Ballad n° 2 (Bley)  3:47
11 Around Again [second version] (Bley)  3:53
12 Cousins (Bley)  4:40
13 Vashkar (Bley)  4:06
14 Turns (Bley)  3:15
15 Ballad n° 4 (Bley)  4:50


Paul Bley - p
Steve Swallow - b
Pete La Roca - dr

Recorded at Medallion Studios, New York ; August 17, 1962 [# 1-5] ; & September 12, 1963 [# 6-15]

This release contains the two long out of print sessions made by the Paul Bley Trio for the Savoy label, which were recorded in two sessions on August 17, 1962 and September 12, 1963. By the time these recordings were made, the Canadian pianist (born in 1932) had already performed with Charles Mingus, Jimmy Giuffre and Sonny Rollins. However, these trio recordings would mark the direction he would follow in the future : he relocated to Los Angeles in 1957, where his bookings included a lengthy engagement at the Hillcrest Club with Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, Billy Higgins and Charlie Haden.

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