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Maria Tipo Plays Mozart & Scarlatti

Maria Tipo was born in Naples. She was taught originally by her mother, Ersilia Cavallo, who was a pupil of Ferruccio Busoni. She went on to study under Alfredo Casella and Guido Agosti.
At only seventeen, she won the Geneva international piano competition. Since then, she has performed widely and made a considerable number of recordings.
Maria Tipo's first appearance in North America in the late 1950s, where she played over 300 concerts, caused her to be nicknamed the "Neapolitan Horowitz". Her first recording, an LP of 12 Scarlatti sonatas, which she recorded in a mere 4 hours in 1955, was hailed by Newsweek magazine as the most spectacular record of the year.
Her recordings of Bach's Goldberg Variations and of sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti have been awarded the "Diapason d’Or". She has also championed the music of Muzio Clementi both in concert and on disc. Her stature has tended to be higher among her fellow-pianists than with the general public. Martha Argerich, in an interview with Rai Radio 3, referred to her as "sensational".
She is a pianist of considerable strength and virtuosity. The critic Piero Rattalino recalls her playing as a teenager: "Her agility was incredible, and her precision greater than the volcanic Martha Argerich". He classes her with the "tradition of Italian interpreters that begins with Toscanini and includes Zecchi, Benedetti Michelangeli, Pollini, Accardo, Muti, Abbado: interpreters who remain masters of their emotions and achieve the effect they want on the public." He concludes : "Maria Tipo is a knight errant, always ready to do battle for her ideal, even when this ideal takes the form of the Devil. [Her] ideal is beauty. There are other ways to make music, but this is certainly not the least of them."
Tipo also is a dedicated teacher, giving master classes at the Gubbio Festival and the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, and has served as a professor at the Conservatories of Geneva, Bolzano and Florence. Among her students are the pianists Andrea Lucchesini, Pietro De Maria, Fabio Bidini, Angelo Arciglione, Domenico Piccichè, Djordje Milojkovic.

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Maria Tipo


Cd. 1

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Piano Concerto n° 21 In C Major, K. 467
1 I. Allegro maestoso  14:28
2 II. Andante  7:28
3 III. Allegro vivace assai  6:41

Piano Concerto n° 25 In C Major, K. 503
4 I. Allegro Maestoso  14:59
5 II. Andante  8:27
6 III. Finale. Allegretto  8:37


Cd. 2

Domenico Scarlatti

12 Piano Sonatas
1 Sonata in E Major, L. 375, K. 20 (Capriccio)  2:57
2 Sonata in B-Flat Major, L. 396, K. 551  5:17
3 Sonata in G Major, L. 286, K. 427  2:14
4 Sonata in C Major, L. 457, K. 132  7:20
5 Sonata in G Major, L. 288, K. 432  2:10
6 Sonata in D Major, L. 465, K. 96 (La Caccia)  5:01
7 Sonata in B Major, L. 387, K. 14  3:00
8 Sonata in G Major, L. 449, K. 27  3:30
9 Sonata in G Major, L. 487, K. 125  2:30
10 Sonata in E Major, L. 23, K. 380 (Cortège)  6:06
11 Sonata in F Major, L. 474, K. 107  5:26
12 Sonata in C Major, L. 5, K. 406  3:17


Maria Tipo - p

Recorded ca 1955 ?


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A wonderful tribute to a great pianist. I love her Scarlatti recordings.

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May I ask you to reupload this? I have seen it too late but am truly, truly interested in these recordings.... Thanks for your help and for the effort you put in rendering Mario Tipo's recs available to us! She is almost forgotten, which is truly unfair given her stature as a pianist.

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There is also a superb recording of Chopin's 2 concerto from those early years in USA, if someone has it and could upload Tipo's performance it would be really nice...

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Wonderful Scarlatti and quite nice Mozart. She also recorded the most elegant and refined nocturnes by Chopin ever for EMI France. Ample and noble phrasing, full of rubato and very intense.

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She married twice--first to someone who basically thought a woman should remain at home while men work, and then to a fellow pianist whose skill was simply not as good as hers. I've been given to understand that in more recent years she performs recitals with her daughter, who's a violinist.

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The pwd is melanchthon!
Maria Tipo retired years ago, she does not concertize anymore (though she is still alive and lives in Florence)

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