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Horace Silver Trio

This CD reissue has pianist Horace Silver's first sessions as a leader, trios with drummer Art Blakey and either Gene Ramey, Curly Russell or Percy Heath on bass. Silver already had his funky style pretty well together by 1952 (two years after being discovered by Stan Getz), and the program is most notable for introducing his compositions "Ecaroh" and "Opus De Funk." In addition, there are two percussion features : a drum solo by Blakey on "Nothing But Soul" and "Message From Kenya," a duet by the drummer with the percussion and vocals of Sabu Martinez.
Scott Yanow

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Horace Silver
Horace Silver


1 Safari (Silver))  2:48
2 Ecaroh (Silver)  3:09
3 Prelude to a Kiss (Ellignton) 2:47
4 Thou Swell (Rodgers, Hart)  2:52
5 Quicksilver (Silver)  2:59
6 Horoscope (Silver)  3:46
7 Yeah (Silver)  2:47
8 Knowledge Box (Silver)  2:47
9 How About You (Lane, Freed)  3:40
10 I Remember You (Schwertzinger, Mercer)  3:52
11 Silverware (Silver)  2:34
12 Message from Kenya (Blakey)  4:33
13 Opus de Funk (SIlver)  3:25
14 Nothing but the Soul (Blakey)  4:07
15 Buhaina (Silver)  3:04
16 Day in, Day out (Bloom, Mercer)  3:00


[# 1, 4, & 6]
Horace Silver - p
Gene Ramey - b
Art Blakey - dr
[# 2, 3, 5, 7 & 8]
Same as above, except
Curly Russell - b, replaces Ramey
[# 9-11, 13, 15 & 16]
Same as above, except
Percy Heath - b, replaces Russell
[# 12 & 14]
Art Blakey - dr
Sabu Martinez -  cng & vc [# 12]

Recorded at WOR Studios, New York City ; October 9, 1952 [# 1, 4, & 6] ; October 20, 1952 [# 2, 3, 5, 7 & 8] ; & November 23, 1953, all others


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