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Andor Foldes Plays Zoltán Kodály

Andor Foldes recorded a selection of Kodály’s piano works for American Decca (the catalogue now owned by Deutsche Grammophon) in January 1957. A close compatriot of both Bartók and Kodály, Foldes was one of Hungary’s pre-eminent pianist whose discography for Deutsche Grammophon is extensive. Included on this CD are Foldes’s own transcriptions of music from Háry János, a selection of Children’s Dances and the Dances of Marosszék, first written for piano though much more familiar today in their orchestral guise.

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Andor Foldes
Zoltán Kodály


Suite (from Háry János)
(transcr. Foldes)
1 Viennese Musical Clock  2:10
2 Song  4;32
3 Intermezzo  3;35

4 Children's Dances  9:53
N° 1. Allegretto - N° 2. Allegro cantabile - N° 3. Vivace - N° 4. Moderato cantabile - N° 5. Allegro moderato poco rubato - N° 7. Vivace quasi marcia - N° 8. Friss (Fast). Presto - N° 9. Allegro marcato - N° 10. Allegro leggiero - N° 11. Vivae - N 12. Allegro comodo. Comincando, rivenire al tempo

5 Dances of Marosszék  12;28
N° 1. Maestoso, poco rubato - N° 2. Con moto - N° 3. Moderato - N° 4. Vivace
N° 5. Allegro con brio

Seven Piano Pieces, Op. 11
6 N° 1. Lento  1:40
7 N° 2. Székely keserves (Székely Lament)  2:20
8 N° 3. 'Il pleure dans mon coeur comme il pleut sur la ville' (Verlaine)  1:30
Allegretto malinconico
9 N° 5. Tranquillo  2:03
10 N° 6. Székely nóta (Székler folksong)  3:13


Andor Foldes - p

Recorded in New York ; January 2, 4 & 17, 1957


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