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Wes Montgomery - The Unissued Half Note Broadcasts

This release presents two complete never before (never before ? see NB) heard 1965 radio broadcasts from the Half Note in New York, showcasing the great Wes Montgomery with the Wynton Kelly Trio. The pianist’s trio featured Jimmy Cobb on drums, and two different bassists, Ron Carter and Larry Ridley, replacing the regular member Paul Chambers, who for some reason couldn’t attend the shows. These performances took place a few months before the well-known recordings made by Montgomery and Kelly for Verve at the same venue, issued as Smokin’ at the Half Note.
Among the many highlights, these programs contain an amazing unaccompanied guitar version of Wes’ Mi Cosa, his only live readings of All the Things You Are, and his own composition Cariba, as well as the guitarist’s only existing versions of Birks’ Works, Laura and I Remember You !

Source :

Wes Montgomery
The Unissued 1965
Half Note


1 Impressions (Coltrane)  6:11
2 Mi Cosa [Unaccompanied Guitar] (Montgomery)  3:34
3 Blues #1 (Montgomery)  5:45
4 Birks’ Works (Gillespie)  5:41
5 Laura (Raksin, Mercer)  6:46
6 Cariba (Montgomery)  8:42
7 Blues #2 (Montgomery)  3:04
8 Four On Six (Montgomery)  8:07
9 Blues #3 /Closing Announcements (Montgomery)  1:26
10 All The Things You Are (Kern, Hammerstein)  6:43
11 I Remember You (Schertzinger, Mercer)  7:21


Wes Montgomery - g
Wynton Kelly - p
Ron Carter - b [# 1-3]
Larry Ridley - b [# 4-11]
Jimmy Cobb  - dr

Recorded live at the Half Note, New York ; February 12 & 19, 1965 (“Portraits in Jazz” Radio Show hosted by Alan Grant)

A japanese disc from December 1994, titled "Smokin' Guitar" (Toko Records WM94-12) contains 6 titles from this release and  consequently partial reissue (Birk's Works ; Four on Six ; Laura ; Cariba ; All the Things You Are & I Remember You)...


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Thanks Mel, I am always curious to know how much more Wes Montgomery recordings we will be getting in the future? One day surely the well must run dry. But it's wonderful to have these tracks.

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Thanks for this share, Mel. According to jazz, these performances were recorded not before, but five months after the "Smokin' At The Half Note" recordings, on November 12 & 19, 1965. Wes did perform at the Half Note on February 12th of that year, but with a different group featuring Harold Mabern on piano. That same band went on to perform at several venues in Europe the following month.

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Oops, it appears that three of the tracks from this issue were recorded September 24, 1965, two days after the last of the dates featured on "Smokin'". Regardless, thanks for the great Wes!

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