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Vince Guaraldi - Cast Your Fate to the Wind

Here is Vince Guaraldi's breakthrough album — musically, commercially, in every which way. After numerous records as a leader or sideman, for the first time a recognizable Guaraldi piano style emerges, with whimsical phrasing all his own, a madly swinging right hand and occasional boogie-influenced left hand, and a distinctive, throat-catching, melodic improvisational gift. The first half of the program is taken up by cover versions of tunes from the Antonio Carlos Jobim/Luiz Bonfá score for the film Black Orpheus, recorded just as bossa nova was taking hold in America. These are genuinely jazz-oriented impressions in a mainstream boppish manner, with only a breath of samba from Monty Budwig (bass) and Colin Bailey (drums) in the opening minute of "Samba de Orpheus" ; an edited version of this haunting song was issued as a 45 rpm single. But DJs soon began flipping the single over to play the B-side, a wistful, unforgettably catchy Guaraldi tune called "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" that opens the North American half of the album. The tune became a surprise hit; Fantasy redesigned the cover to call attention to it, and Vince was on his way to fame as one of Latin and mainstream jazz's most irresistible composers. The whole album evokes the ambience of San Francisco's jazz life in the 1960s as few others do — and such is this record's appeal that even non-jazz and non-Latin music people have been grooving to this music ever since it came out.
Richard S. Ginell

Source :

Vince Guaraldi
Cast Your Fate to the Wind
(Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus)


1 Samba de Orfeu (Bonfá)  5:42
2 Manhã de Carnaval (Bonfá)  5:50
3 O Nosso Amor (Demoraes)  4:56
4 Felicidade (Demoraes)  4:49
5 Cast Your Fate to the Wind (Guaraldi)  3:10
6 Moon River (Mancini)  5:21
7 Alma-Ville (Guaraldi)  5:00
8 Since I Fell for You (Johnson)  4:23
9 Samba de Orfeu [single version] (Bonfá)  3:18
10 Manhã de Carnaval [alt. take] (Bonfá)  6:17
11 O Nosso Amor [alt. take 2] (Demoraes)  5:00
12 Felicidade [alt. take 3] (Demoraes)  4:54
13 Cast Your Fate to the Wind [alt. take 3] (Guaraldi)  3:04
14 Ginza (Guaraldi)  4:12
15 The Night We Called a Day (Adair, Denis)  3:50
16 I'm Afraid the Msquerade is Over (Magidson Wrubel)  6:34


[# 1-13]
Vince Guaraldi - p
Monty Budwig - b
Colin Bailey - dr
Recorded in San Francisco, California ; November 1961 & February 1962
[# 14-16]
Vince Guaraldi - p
Eddie Duran - g
Ron Croty - b
Recorded live at the Blackhawk, San Francisco, California ; August 4, 1955


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