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Les McCann Ltd. - On Time

Les McCann’s “On Time” was the eighth album of this talented and popular jazz pianist’s leader career. Always a consummately swinging and distinctively soulful communicator, he displays the full extent of his honest preaching, warmth and creativity in a range embracing the impressionistic on the introduction to On Time, and an expansive chordal approach on It Could Happen to You. In the pieces here, including four excellent originals by the group’s members, he is engagingly melodic over the opening of Fondue, a fine vehicle for improvisation, while Jefferson’s This for Doug is a lovely piece ; and Maichen, by bassist Leroy Vinnegar, has a pretty, infectious melody, warmly embraced by McCann and the featured guest, Joe Pass, whose lucid solos are among the highlights of the album, particularly his theme statement on Yours Is My Heart Alone. Ron Jefferson and Vinnegar are ideal accompanists.


The last three tracks feature the veteran blues singer and guitarist Bumble Bee Slim (aka. Amos Easton), one of the best loved bluesmen during the ‘30s. Accompanied by the Les McCann Ltd., these were part of an album titled Back in Town !, recorded by Slim in 1962, after a long period out of the studios, and they make a nice addition to this collection.

Source : http://www.freshsoundrecords.com/les_mccann_ltd._on_time_+_bonus_tracks-cd-5821.html

Les Mccann Ltd.
On Time
(+ Bonus Tracks)


1 On Time (McCann)  4:16
2 Yours Is My Heart Alone (Lehar, Herzer, Smith, Loehner)  4:47
3 This for Doug (Jefferson)  5:36
4 Fondue (McCann)  5:11
5 Bernie’s Tune (Miller)  3:02
6 Maichen (Vinnegar)  4:34
7 It Could Happen to You (VanHeusen, Burke)  4:59
8 You’re Driving Me Crazy (Donaldson)  4:58
9 So What (Davis)  3:01
10 Direct South* (Easton)  3:29
11 Drifftin’ Blues* (Easton)  4:27
12 Midnight Special* (Scott) 2:29

(*) Bonus Tracks


[# 1-9] from the album “Les McCann Ltd.—On Time” (Pacific Jazz Stereo-56)
Les McCann - p
Joe Pass - g
Leroy Vinnegar - b
Ron Jefferson - dr
Recorded at Pacific Jazz Enterprises, Inc./ Rex Studios ; Los Angeles, May 17 [# 3, 6 & 9] ; June 22 [# 5 & 8] : & August 20 [# 1, 2 & 7], 1962
[# 10-12] from the album “Bumble Bee Slim—Back in Town !” (Pacific Jazz Stereo-54)
Same as above
Bee Slim - vcl & whstl [# 12]
Recorded at Pacific Jazz Enterprises, Inc./ Rex Studios, Los Angeles ; April 26, 1962


boogieman said...

Merci Melanchton. Les Mc Cann est souvent décrié par les puristes. Dans Les Mondes du Jazz, Andre Hodeir le classait parmi les vulgaires, avec ce bon gros Fats Domino et Louis Jordan, le rigolo. Elitisme déplacé, je crains. McCann est un pianiste qui a les deux pieds dans le blues, c'est respectable.

Jaffa said...

Boogieman: Yes, I agree that Hodeir's judgements read like they are way off - but please bear in mind that he had written that half a century ago when there was no net, FLAC, MP3 but just a small choice of expensive vinyl around!

And who knows how an Amy Winehouse, Brad Mehldau etc. will be judged in 50 years ?

I am greatful for people like Hodeir, Delauney, Panassie etc. who made us LISTEN !

Incidentally - I like Les McCann - but I am more than a bit astonished by the great B.B. Slim-LP for PJ; knowning him well from his recordings from the 30's, this is quite amazing, I think.

Most, first and all: Thanks, Mel, for everything !

Jaffa said...

... and I should have added: Thanks, to you, too - Boogieman !!!!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous Blog. Thanks for all you do Boogieman.

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well, mell... that's great... one of the greatest posts ever!

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Newlyner said...

Fabulous ! Always happy to get anything which features Ralph Pena. Many thanks. :)

TEO said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks Mel!!!
Great Les McCann with LTD!!!!
Magic soul sound!!!

Adrian said...

Thanks a lot for the nice album.
About Hodeir's opinion we must see when it was written. Maybe it was written in the 50s when McCann didn't come with a significant album yet...
I've read several books of Hdeir and he's generally wright.

Blue Eyes said...

Merci beaucoup Melanchthon pour cette fabuleuse session avec Les Mc Cann et Joe Pass!...(rien à foutre de ces intellos d'André Hodeir, André Francis et compagnie! y'a que l'émotion qui compte en écoutant ces fabuleux musiciens! point barre!)

Prof. Yaffle said...

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What a fabulous album! Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for another instalment of Leroy and another trail to follow.
Look forward to this

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Great players and great album.
Thanks for this one.
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