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Johnny Coates, Jr. - Portrait

Pianist Johnny Coates recorded so many records for his Omnisound label during 1974-1980 that it is surprising to realize that he had only led one album during the 20 previous years. This CD reissue brings back Coates' 1955-1956 trio performances with bassist Wendell Marshall and drummer Kenny Clarke. The liner notes are dated and the playing time is only the length of an LP, but the music (mostly standards with two Coates originals) should appeal to fans of Dave Brubeck, who at this early point was a prime influence on the young pianist.
Scott Yanow

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Johnny Coates, Jr.


1 Let's Get Lost (McHugh, Loesser)  4:00
2 Ding-Dong ! The Witch Is Dead (Young)  3:50
3 If I Love Again (Rodgers, Hammerstein)  3:30
4 Love Is the Sweetest Thing (Coates)  4:17
5 Little Girl Blue (Hart, Rodgers)  4:25
6 Sha-Da-Ga-Da (Gillespie)  3:10
7 Coates Oats (Coates)  4:00
8 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Arlen, Koehler)  4:00
9 Skylark (Carmichael, Mercer)  3:30
10 My Lucky Day (Coates)  3:10
11 If There is Someone Lovelier than You (Schwartz, Dietz)  3:25


Johnny Coates Jr. - p
Wendell Marshall - b
Kenny Clarke - dr

Recorded in New York ; November 17, 1955 [# 7-9] ; April 23, 1956 [# 1-5] ; & May 21, 1956 [# 6, 10 & 11]


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