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Jack Sheldon - Complete College goes to Jazz [The John Graas Project #6]

Considered to be one of the pioneers of the French Horn, John Graas is one of the emblematic figures of the West Coast style and one of the representatives least known by current enthusiasts.
Graas, who died at the age of 37, had a brief but intense jazz career, with recordings that have become unwithering examples of the jazz of the fifties.
The John Graas Project is conceived as a homage-tribute to this great jazzman on the eightieth anniversary of his birth. It includes a collection of 13 LPs never previously re-edited on CD, among which stand out the 6 volumes of the famous series “Jazz Studio”, the LP “College Goes To Jazz”, and the 6 records that he recorded under his own name : two “Jazz Lab” releases, “French Horn Jazz”, “Jazzmantics”, “Coup de Graas” and “International Premiere in Jazz”, where he lead groups featuring Art Pepper, Jimmy Giuffre, Gerry Mulligan, Zoot Sims, Herb Geller, Bud Shank, Charlie Mariano, Bob Cooper, André Previn, Marty Paich, Dave Pell, Russ Freeman, the Candoli brothers, Shelly Manne, Larry Bunker, Jack Sheldon, and many others.

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Jack Sheldon
Complete College
goes to Jazz
[The John Graas Project #6]


1 Westlake Bounce (Graas)  2:51
2 Theme (Graas)  2:52
3 Jive At Five (Edison)  6:39
4 Topsy (Durham)  2:27
5 Ghost Talk (Graas)  3:03
6 Motif (Graas)  2:45
7 La Paz (Graas)  3:16
8 Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise (Romberg, Hammerstein)  3:50
9 Billy Boy (trad.)  3:03
10 Mood (Graas)  3:08
11 Billie’s Bounce (Parker)  3:39
12 Jazz Chaconne, n° 1 : Chaconne (Part I) (Graas)  5:43
13 Jazz Chaconne, n° 1 : Chaconne (Part II - Medium Fast) (Graas)  5:36
14 Jazz Chaconne, n° 1 : Chaconne (Part III - Slow in 6/4) (Graas)  6:19
15 Egypt (Giuffre)  2:38
16 Argyles (Rogers)  2:47
17 Pyramid (Riddle)  2:48
18 6/4 Trend (Graas)  3:16
19 Not Exactly (Graas)  2:35
20 Be My Guest (Rogers)  3:04
21 Frappé (Giuffre)  3:02
22 Bananera (Riddle)  3:05


[# 1-11] from Westlake College Quintet - College Goes To Jazz
Luther McDonald - tb
Sam Firmature - ts
Dick Grove - p
Dick Fritz - b
Fred Taggart - dr
John Graas - arr
Recorded in Los Angeles ; July 17 & 19, 1956
[# 12-14] from The West Coast All Star Ninetet - International Premiere in Jazz
Jack Sheldon - tp
Bob Enevoldsen - tb
John Graas - flgh
Art Pepper - as
Bill Perkins - ts
Buddy Collette - fl, cl & bs
Paul Moer - p
Red Mitchell - b
Larry Bunker - dr & vb
Recorded in Hollywood ; March 18, 1958
[# 15-22] from John Graas Septet - French Horn Jazz
Shorty Rogers - tp
John Graas - flgh
Bud Shank - fl & as
Bob Cooper - ts
Jimmy Giuffre - bs
Russ Freeman - p
Bob Manners - b
Shelly Manne - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles ; June 2 & 3, 1953
It is strange that Complete College Goes to Jazz has been reissued under Jack Sheldon's name, for the trumpeter is only on the three-part "Jazz Chaconne No. 1," and this disc is really part of a series featuring the French horn and writing of John Graas. The first 11 selections on this reissue have the Westlake College Quartet playing Graas' arrangements. Of the five musicians in the 1956 quintet, pianist Dick Grove is best known, becoming in future years a major educator. The front line of tenor and valve-trombone works quite well on the advanced cool jazz date. Graas is present on the remainder of the selections, which include his three-part "Jazz Chaconne No. 1" (with Sheldon and altoist Art Pepper) and eight other selections heading his own all-star septet with Bud Shank, Bob Cooper and Shorty Rogers. The music is thought-provoking, swinging at a generally low volume, and pushing the boundaries of jazz of the period.
Scott Yanow

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