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Georges Arvanitas - 3 A.m. + Cocktail For Three

Georges Arvanitas, who died in 2005, was one of Europe's finest jazz pianists. He was tempted away briefly to the US, but soon returned to his beloved Paris, complaining of "too much travelling and not enough money". Thereafter, Americans came to him. The two sessions on this CD, recorded in late-50s Paris, find him accompanied by two of the world's finest bass-and-drums teams – Doug Watkins and Art Taylor on the first and Gene Taylor and Louis Hayes on the second. The style is fluent, immaculate late bebop, the performances world class.
Dave Gelly, The Observer, Sunday 8 August 2010 

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Georges Arvanitas
3 A.m.
Cocktail For Three
(2 Lps on 1 Cd)


1 Three A.M. (Arvanitas)  8:19
2 A Night In Tunisia (Gilespie, Paparelli)  5:50
3 Celia (Powell)  4:47
4 Softly As In A Morning Sunrise (Romberg, Hammerstein)  5:05
5 Our Delight (Dameron)  2:38
6 What’s New ? (Burke, Haggart)  6:48
7 T.W.A. Blues (Taylor, Watkins, Arvanitas)  4:59
8 Cocktail For Three (Arvanitas)  5:10
9 Everything Happens To Me (Adair, Dennis)  6:36
10 Algo Bueno (Gillespie)  6:04
11 Airegin (Rollins)  4:12
12 Mean To Me (Turk, Ahlert)  4:48
13 Tune Up (Davis)  2:37
14 Bluesy Blues (Taylor, HayesArvanitas,)  8:06


[# 1-7] 3 A. M. (Pretoria 30J 3000)
Georges Arvanitas - p
Doug Watkins - b
Art Taylor - dr
Recorded in Paris ; September 10, 1958
[# 8-14] Cocktail for Three (Pretoria 30J 3003)
Georges Arvanitas - p
Gene Taylor - b
Louis Hayes - dr
Recorded in Paris ; March 4, 1959
This CD edition contains the two complete long unavailable trio albums recorded by the legendary French pianist Georges Arvanitas for the Pretoria label. He is accompanied on both LPs by well-known American guest artists.
Highly influenced by the music of Bud Powell, these were among Arvanitas' earliest albums as a leader. Both albums were very well received in its time. 3 a.m. won the Prix Django Reinhardt and the Prix Jazz Hot, while Cocktail for Three won the Prix Jazz Hot and the Prix de l'International Jazz Club.

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