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Barney Kessel - Solo

More than any other music, jazz is the medium of the soloist ; and the cadenza, set apart by ensemble riff, stop-time punctuation or (more rarely) in pure form, rarified against the tacit, comprises the very soul ofjazz. The recording, of course, constitutes the literature of jazz ; the solo, its poetry. The masters are easily recognized by their distinctive styles. Armstrong, Beiderbecke, Reinhardt, Christian, Venuti and other "originals" have defined the essentials for the jazz solo — economy of expression, emotional intensity, crystalline imagery — a spontaneous creation limited only by imagination, enhanced by the ever present possibility that a given moment will be transformed into musical history. In a phrase, a “once in a lifetime" affair. The album is the poetry of Barney Kessel, whose myriad accomplishments, from "boy wonder" accompanist for Billie Holiday through the frontline of Gillespie’s be-bop revolution to anchorman for the Great Guitars, have been chronicled by Leonard Feather and others. But this album, a beautifully recorded contemporary work, is unique — the only unaccompanied solo recording Barney has ever made*, "one of a kind" in a xerox world — pure jazz poetry.
Frank Dorritie, Concord Jazz, lnc. (from the booklet)

Barney Kessel


1 Brazil (Barroso, Russell)  2:41
2 What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life ? (Legrand, Bergman, Bergman)  3:02
3 Happy Little Song (Kessel)  3:27
4 Everything Happens to Me (Adair, Dennis)  3:30
5 You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Wonder)  5:00
6 Manhã de Carnaval (Bonfá)  4:20
7 People (Merrill, Styne)  5:00
8 Jellybeans (Kessel)  3:55
9 Alfie (Bacharach, David)  5:27


Barney Kessel - g

Recorded at Coast Recorders, San Francisco, California ; April, 1981

*  Contrary to what the booklet claims, this is not "the only unaccompanied solo recording Barney has ever made", as can be seen at Jazzy's Place...


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