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Aaron Sachs Sextet

Sachs started as a young swing "protégé" of Benny Goodman, and later eased into bebop music, playing with Earl Fatha Hines. He then formed his own bands, with some success recording and touring. He married singer Helen Merrill in 1948, a union which lasted only a few years. Their only child was their son, Allan P Sachs, professionally known as Alan Merrill born in 1951. In the 1960s, Aaron Sachs went into Latin music, playing with the greats of that genre, including Machito, Tito Puente, and Tito Rodriguez. Aaron Sachs has written a hit song for Tito Rodriguez, titled "El Mundo De Las Locas" and also composed for drum legend Louis Bellson, with the mainstay tune "Blast off". He also co-wrote a popular song for bandleader Machito with Henry Glover during the twist dance craze titled "Twist Changa" (parts one and two) a double a-sided single in 1959, on Roulette records.

Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aaron_Sachs

Aaron Sachs
(Bethlehem BCP 1008)


1 One Track (Sachs, Johnson)  2:43
2 King Fish (Jones)  3:34
3 Helen (Sachs, Johnson)  3:46
4 Conversation (Sachs, Galbraith)  3:06
5 If You're But A Dream (Jones)  3:30
6 The Bullfrog (Jones)  3:47


Aaron Sachs - cl & ts
Urbie Green - tb
Danny Bank - bs
Barry Galbraith - g
Clyde Lombardi - b
Osie Johnson - dr

Recorded in New York City ; November, 1954

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