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The Swinging Mr. Rogers

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the 1955 album from the Jazz great. Featuring one of the best Shorty Rogers quintets ever, with Jimmy Giuffre, Pete Jolly, Curtis Counce and Shelly Manne. This LP opened Rogers' celebrated "Martian" song cycle, with the inclusion of the song "Martians Go Home". The original album contained a selection of songs from two different sessions. For this complete edition, we have added all of the music recorded during those sessions which was omitted from the original album.
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Shorty Rogers
and his
The Swinging Mr. Rogers 
(Complete Edition)


1 Isn't It Romantic ? (Rodgers, Hart)  5:44
2 Trickleydidlier (Rogers)  4:41
3 Oh ! Play That Thing (Rogers)  6:31
4 Not Really The Blues (Mandel)  4:58
5 Martians Go Home (Rogers)  7:56
6 My Heart Stood Still (Rodgers, Hart)  6:12
7 Michelle's Meditation (Rogers)  3:55
8 That's What I'm Talkin' 'Bout (Rogers)  5:33
9 Loaded (Miller)  6:44
10 Bill (Rogers)  3:06
11 12th Street Rag (Bowman, Razaf)  4:51
12 The Lady in Red (Wrubel, Dixon)  6:13
13 Solarization (Rogers)  4:27

Shorty Rogers - tp
Jimmy Giuffre - cl, ts & bs
Pete Jolly - p
Curtis Counce - b
Shelly Manne - dr

Recorded in Hollywood, Claifornia ; March 1 [# 1, 3-6, 9-12] ; & March 3 [# 2, 7-8 & 13], 1955

This Lp has one of trumpeter Shorty Rogers' finest small group sessions of the 1950's; fortunately the music has been reissued by Mosaic on CD in a box set. Rogers, Jimmy Giuffre (on clarinet, tenor and baritone), pianist Pete Jolly, bassist Curtis Counce and drummer Shelly Manne are the epitome of cool on a well-rounded and consistently interesting set. Highlights including "Isn't It Romantic," "Trickleydidlier," "Not Really The Blues" and Rogers' "hit" "Martians Go Home." 
Scott Yanow 

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