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John Lewis with Gary McFarland's Orchestra - Essence

John Lewis is the creator of sounds. His aural sensitivity, wich reaches us through The Modern Jazz Quartet of wich he is musical director, may be likened to the personalized sound of the inimitable Duke Ellington orchestra. Just as Ellington utilizes the colorful sonorities of Harry Carney, Johnny Hodges and other distinguished jazzmen, John Lewis weaves the MJQ's unique sound around the genius of Milt Jackson, Percy Heath and Connie Kay. Today, the unmistakable timbre of the MJQ is a household word in jazz, and pianist-composer John Lewis is responsible for his remarkable aural refinement. Lewis' musical activities are not confined to the MJQ alone. Besides making numerous recordings, composing for films and the ballet, and founding "Orchestra USA", whose repertoire ranges from the blues and baroque music to avant-garde jazz and serial music, John Lewis alson encourages talent. When Gary McFarland was a newcomer to the jazz world in 1959, one of the few people who encouraged him was John Lewis...
From the booklet

John Lewis
Gary McFarland's Orchestra


2 Notions  4:01
6 Wish Me Well  7:46
1 Hopeful Encounter  4:41
2 Tillamook  7:12
5 Another Encounter  5:11
3 Night Float  4:20

All Compositions by Gary McFarland


[# 1, 4 & 6]
John Lewis - p
Nick Travis, Louis Mucci, Freddie Hubbard - tp
Mike Zwerin - tb
Bob Swisshelm, Bob Northern - fr hrn
Don Butterfield - tub
Billy Bean - g
Richard Davis - b
Connie Kay - dr
Recorded in New York City ; May 25, 1962
[# 2 & 5]
John Lewis - p
Harold Jones - fl
Eric Dolphy - alt fl
Phil Woods - cl
William Arrowsmith - ob
Loren Glickman - bassoon
Don Stewart - bsst hrn
Gene Allen - bar s
Jim Hall - g
Richard Davis - b
Connie Kay - dr
Recorded in New York City ; October 5, 1962
[# 3]
John Lewis - p
Eric Dolphy - as
Benny Golson - ts
Jimmy Giuffre - bar s
Herb Pomeroy - tp
Gunther Schuller - fr hrn
Jim Hall - g
George Duvivier - b
Connie Kay - dr
Recorded in New York City ; September 9, 1962

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