Sunday, October 9, 2016

Joe Diorio - Earth Moon Hearth

As if it was easy, this sublime record wedged right between dream and reality. As for reality, it is full of love — "you have to love your guitar" as Joe could say, while embracing it — and he plays a meticulously selected repertoire the way one shops at the stalls of fabulous artisans : Billy Strayhorn, Thad Jones, John Coltrane...
As for the dream, he plunges into the dephts of that devil called jazz with a looniness akin to bebop, the miracle of a radically different personality, the inocent movement of the unprecedented on the edge of the precipice.
Hiding behind his paradoxes, exasperating those who love him and chase after his rare recordings, Joe Dorio's genius is well-known to the musicians who admire him, but — alas ! — it was very rarely been committed to wax. The most eminent contemporary guitarists owe him a great debt. And what John Scofield, Mike Stern and Pat Metheny in particular have learned from him is a providential equilibrium where co-exist reason and delirium.
Listen to how, either alone or with the marvelous bassist Harvie Swartz, treats himself to monuments like "A Child is born" or "Lush Life". He states them with a luminous articulation. All the facets of the diamond are intact : the genius of Strayhorn's thinking, the dirt of the mine... But over the course of the twists and turns of these masterpieces the guitar flies off into a reharmonized unknown, the phrases exploring in exultation and letting themselves go to the virtuoso imagination that Coltrane said was fear of silence.
Jean Delmas, from the booklet.

Joe Diorio
Earth Moon Hearth


1 Mr. P.C.* (Coltrane)  5:53
2 A Child is Born* (Jones)  7:51
3 I Thought About You* (Van Heusen, Mercier)  7:20
4 Reflections of Wes (Diorio)  3:18
5 Corcovado (Jobim)  3:50
6 Lush Life (Strayhorn)  3:53
7 Misty (Garner)  5:01
8 The Jesters* (Diorio, Swartz)  3:23


Joe Diorio - g
Harvie Swartz - b*

Recorded at Studio Michel Marre, Montpellier, France ; July 23, 1987


jazzfriend said...

Hermoso album, I love this music.

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Thank you. Always looking for another version of A Child Is Born.

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Many thanks for this hitherto unknown to me album.
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Anonymous said...

Masters ! This one is bloody amazing, thanks so much, MM. Track 1 - "Mr. P.C." is outta this world, it will stay with me forever. Reminds me of a conversation i had a few years back, over a long, early morn drink, with a, truly, fantastic Asian musician winner of a major competition :"One thing I envy you guys (i.e.: non-Asian) is your improvisation skills, I can not do this".

Anonymous said...

Let me just add this, as a comment to my comment above: TOSHIKO AKIYOSHI ! One of my fave musicians, and it completely contradicts what i quoted above. No profiling, please.

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