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Jazz Scene in San Francisco

This CD consists of the music formerly included on the albums Modern Music From San Francisco and Charlie Mariano Sextet. The former LP features three overlapping groups of musicians who were mostly based in San Francisco in the mid-'50s, with pianist Sonny Clark being a ringer. The Vince Guaraldi Quartet, the Ron Crotty Trio, and Jerry Dodgion's Quartet all show that the "modern" music played in San Francisco at the time was not much different than its better-known L.A. counterpart. The music swings, has smooth and light timekeeping from the rhythm section, and Dodgion's tone on alto is not that far from Bud Shank's at the time. The Charlie Mariano sextet's date was recorded at San Francisco's Blackhawk and teams together players who were mostly from Boston or San Francisco, including altoist Mariano, trumpeter Dick Collins, trombonist Sonny Truitt, and pianist Richard Wyands. Two Truitt originals, a song apiece from Vince Guaraldi and Alec Wilder, plus three standards all serve as fine vehicles for concise solos, tight ensembles, and relaxed playing.
Scott Yanow

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Jazz Scene
San Francisco


1 Calling Dr. Funk (Guaraldi)  6:55
2 Between 8th and 10th on Mission Street (Guaraldi)  8:44
3 Ginza (Crotty)  4:08
4 The Night We Called It a Day (Crotty)  3:45
5 (I'm Afraid) the Masquerade Is Over (Crotty)  6:30
6 Miss Jackie's Dish (Dodgion)  9:08
7 The Groove (Dodgion)  5:45
8 Come Rain or Come Shine (Mariano)  4:14
9 My Friend Ethel (Mariano)  3:31
10 After Coffee (Mariano)  3:50
11 Trouble Is a Man (Mariano)  2:43
12 Let's Get Away from It All (Mariano)  2:44
13 The Thrill Is Gone (Mariano)  2:33
14 The Nymph (Mariano)  3:50


[# 1-7] Modern Music From San Francisco (Fantasy LP 3213, OJC 272)
Vince Guaraldi - p
Jerry Dodgion - as
Gene Wright - b
John Markham - dr 
Ron Crotty - b
Vince Guaraldi - p & cel
Eddie Duran - g
[# 6 & 7]
Jerry Dodgion - as
Sonny Clark - p
Gene Wright - b
Lawrence Marable - d
Recorded at The Black Hawk, San Francisco, California ; 1955
[# 8-14] The Nat Pierce-Dick Collins Nonet - The Charlie Mariano Sextet (Fantasy LP 3224, OJC 118)
Dick Collins - tp
Sonny Truitt - tb & bs
Charlie Mariano - as, ts & bs
Richard Wyands - p
Vernon Alley - b
Joe McDonald - dr
Recorded same place as above ; 1953


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Scott Yanow is wrong. Sonny Clark, who's originally from Pennsylvania, was not a "ringer" because he was living in San Francisco just like the rest of them, including Charlie Mariano, who's from Boston.

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Thanks again. Je ne connais pas très bien la scène jazz de SF au début des années 50, mais je présume connaissant un peu Guaraldi et Mariano,
qu'on n'est pas très loin des standards du Bop.

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