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Grant Green - Matador

Grant Green recorded so much high-quality music for Blue Note during the first half of the '60s that a number of excellent sessions went unissued at the time. Even so, it's still hard to figure out why 1964's Matador was only released in Japan in 1979, prior to its U.S. CD reissue in 1990 — it's a classic and easily one of Green's finest albums. In contrast to the soul-jazz and jazz-funk for which Green is chiefly remembered, Matador is a cool-toned, straight-ahead modal workout that features some of Green's most advanced improvisation, even more so than his sessions with Larry Young. Part of the reason for that is that Green is really pushed by his stellar backing unit : pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Bob Cranshaw, and drummer Elvin Jones. Not only is Green leading a group that features one-half of the classic Coltrane Quartet, but he even takes on Coltrane's groundbreaking arrangement of "My Favorite Things" — and more than holds his own over ten-plus minutes. In fact, every track on the album is around that length; there are extended explorations of two Green originals ("Green Jeans" and the title track) and Duke Pearson's Middle Eastern-tinged "Bedouin," plus the bonus cut "Wives and Lovers," a swinging Bacharach pop tune not on the Japanese issue. The group interplay is consistently strong, but really the spotlight falls chiefly on Green, whose crystal-clear articulation flourishes in this setting. And, for all of Matador's advanced musicality, it ends up being surprisingly accessible. This sound may not be Green's claim to fame, but Matador remains one of his greatest achievements.
Steve Huey

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Grant Green


1 Matador (Green)  10:51
2 My Favorite Things (Hammerstein, Rodgers)  10:23
3 Green Jeans (Green)  9:10
4 Bedouin (Pearson)  11:41
5 Wives and Lovers (Bacharach, David)  9:01


Grant Green - g
McCoy Tyner - p
Bob Cranshaw - b
Elvin Jones - dr

Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey ; May 20, 1965


ZM-JazzRock said...

What I could say? Grant Green is one of my fav guitarists! I really hope that our friends here at SVNV also appreciate this great album. And both the sidemen trio and the "repertoir" is super-ecletic.
Thank you so much.
Warm regards from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Blue Eyes said...

I've this one, although the Green's playing, a bit too staccato, bothers me (sometimes irritates me...and his tone guitar tone sounds too much in the midrange frequencies for my ears) a cool session anyway.

Foth said...

This looks really tasty, and what a line-up! Green must have been a bit bored by this stage of his career and needed a new challenge.

Luro said...

Gracias Melanchthon, tengo una pobre versión de esta joya y podré a partir de hoy escucharla con otra fidelidad.

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Thanks! Looking forward to hearing Green Jeans, which my favorite local band plays. I'll try not to head-sing those dated words to Wives and Lovers, though, ha ha!

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