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Graas's Jazz Studio 3/4 [The John Graas Project #2]

This Lonehill Jazz CD compiles the contents of two Decca LPs, Jazz Studio, Vol. 3 and Jazz Studio, Vol. 4. The first sessions consist of several different small groups led by French horn player John Graas, highlighted by the three tracks featuring his good friend Gerry Mulligan on baritone sax. In fact, Mulligan's influence on Graas' writing style is apparent, creating tight ensembles that nevertheless consistently swing, with the leader's well-named "Mulliganesque," a brisk cooker, being especially noteworthy. Among the other musicians are pianist Marty Paich, bassist Red Mitchell, and trumpeter Don Fagerquist. Other tracks feature tenor saxophonist Zoot Sims, trumpeter Conte Candoli, alto saxophonist Charlie Mariano, and either Paich or André Previn, with Jimmy Giuffre on baritone sax. Graas' "Rogersesque," which salutes Shorty Rogers (another prominent influence upon the leader), showcases Mariano, Candoli, Paich, and guitarist Howard Roberts to good effect. The last 12 selections are from Jazz Studio, Vol. 4, with all of the compositions contributed by trumpeter and flügelhornist Jack Millman, though the personnel and arrangers vary widely from one song to the next. Like Graas' works, Millman's have stood the test of time, even if they never became a part of regularly played jazz repertoire. The music is still very fresh decades after it was recorded, with some of the cream of the crop of West Coast musicians present, including Gerry Wiggins, Curtis Counce, Chico Hamilton, Bob Gordon, Buddy Collette, Jack Montrose, and Russ Freeman, among others. Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the date is the Latin-infused "Cathy Goes South," arranged by Johnny Mandel with Maynard Ferguson playing claves.
Ken Dryden

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:jpfqxqusldke

John Graas
Jazz Studio
vols. 3-4
[The John Graas Project # 2]


1 Mulliganesque (Graas)  5:26
2 My Buddy (Donaldson, Kahn)  2:46
3 6/4 and Even (Graas)  5:59
4 Charleston (Johnson, Mack)  2:56
5 Rogeresque (Graas)  3:06
6 Jazz Sections from Symphony No 1 in F Minor [Sonata Allegro] (Graas)  7:05
7 Jazz Sections from Symphony No 1 in F Minor (Graas)  6:16
8 Twelfth Street Rag (Bowman, Razaf)  2:57
9 Groove Juice (Millman)  2:39
10 Pink Lady (Millman)  2:50
11 Too Much (Millman)  2:57
12 Ballade for Jeanie (Millman)  3:33
13 The Turk (Millman)  4:08
14 When You're Near (Millman)  2:11
15 Tom and Jerry (Millman)  2:55
16 So Goes My Love (Millman)  3:17
17 Bolero de Mendez (Millman)  3:02
18 Just a Pretty Tune (Millman)  2:59
19 Cathy Goes South (Millman)  3:41
20 Bambi (Millman)  2:17

[# 1-8] Jazz Studio 3
[# 9-20] Jazz Studio 4


Conte Candoli, Buddy Collette, Curtis Counce, Jimmy Giuffre, Lin Halliday, Chico Hamilton, Bill Holman, Barney Kessel, Shelly Manne, Charlie Mariano, Red Mitchell, Gerry Mulligan, André Previn, Gerald Wiggins, Bob Enevoldsen, John Graas, Gene Roland, Claude Williamson, Shorty Rogers, Larry Bunker, Jack Costanzo, Jack Millman, Don Fagerquist, Howard Roberts, Marty Paich, Jack Montrose, Don Overburg, Ralph Pena, Donald Anderson, etc...

Recorded in Los Angeles & Hollywood ; between December 16, 1954 & June 1, 55


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Credits in accordance with original booklet.

[#1, 3]: The First Septet: Don Fagerquist (tp), John Graas (fhr), Gerry Mulligan (bs), Marty Paich (p), Howard Roberts (g), Red Mitchell (b), Larry iunker (d) Los Angeles, December 16, 1954

[#2]: The Quartet: same as # 1, 3 except Don Fagerquist, Marty Paich and Howard Roberts out same session

[#4, 6-7]: The Ninetet: Conte Candoli (tp), John Graas (fhr), Charlie Mariano (as), Zoot Sims (ts), Jimmy Giuffre (bs), Andre Previn (p), Howard Roberts (g), Curtis Counce (b), Larry Bunker (d) Los Angeles, January 6, 1955

[#5, 8]: The Second Septet: same as # 4, 6-7 except Zoot Sims and Jimmy Giuffre out: Marty Paich (p) replaces Previn Los Angeles, January 8, 1955

[#12]: Jack Millman (flhrn), Maynard Ferguson [as Tiger Brown] (v-tb), Buddy Collette (as), Jack Montrose (ts), Bob Gordon (bs), Gerald Wiggins (p), Curtis Counce (b), Chico Hamilton (d), Claude "Spud" Murphy (arr) Hollywood, May 18, 1955

[#20]: Jack Millman (flhrn), Maynard Ferguson (vett* Buddy Collette (as), Jack Montrose (ts), Frank Flynn (vib), Barney Kessel (g), Chico Hamilton (d), Gene Roland (arr) same date as above

[#13]: Jack Millman (tp, arr), pass. Shorty Rogers [as The Prince] (tp), Frank Flynn (vib), Gerald Wiggins (p), Curtis Counce (b), Chico Hamilton (d), Mike Pacheco (bgo), Artie Anton (cga), Fred Aguirre (timb) same date as above

[#19]: Jack Millman (tp), Buddy Collette (ft) Jack Montrose (ts), Bob Gordon (bs), Frank Flynn (vib), Curtis Counce (b), Chico Hamilton (d), Mike Pacheco (bgo), Fred Aguirre (maracas), Maynard Ferguson (claves), Artie Anton (cga), Johnny Mandel (arr) same date as above

[#14]: Jack Millman (flhrn), Lin Halliday (ts), Don Anderson (vib), Don Overberg (g), Ralph Pena (b), Gary Frommer (d), Chico Alvarez (arr) Hollywood, May 25, 1955

[#16]: Jack Millman (flhrn), Ray Vasquez (bs), Don Anderson (vib), Russ Freeman [as Don Friedman] (p), Ralph Pena (b), Gary Frommer (d), Bill Holman (arr) same date as above

[#11]: same as above except Lin Halliday (ts) replaces Don Anderson; Jack Montrose (arr) added same date as above

[#15]: Jack Millman (fihrn), Lin Halliday (ts), Don Anderson (vib), Russ Freeman (p), Don Overberg (g), Ralph Pena (b), Gary Frommer (d), Gerald Wiggins (arr) same date as above

[#9]: Jack Millman (flhrn), Bob Enevoldsen (v tb), Herb Geller [as Bert Herbert] (as), Jimmy Giuffre (ts, arr), Bob Gordon (bs), Claude Williamson (p), Howard Roberts (g), Red Mitchell (b), Shelly Manne (d) Hollywood, June 1, 1955

[#10]: Jack Mittman (fihm), Buddy Collette (ft), Bob Gordon (bad), Red Norvo [as Ken Kenney] (vib), Claude Williamson (p), Red Mitchell (b), Shelly Manne (d), Shorty Rogers (arr) Hollywood, June 1, 1955

[#17]: Jack Millman (flhrn), Buddy Collette (f1), Jimmy Giuffre (c1), Herb Geller (as), Bob Gordon (bs), Red Mitchell (b), Shelly Manne (d), Mike Pacheco (bgo), Jack Costanzo (cga), Bob Enevoldsen (dames), Claude Williamson (gourd), Pete Rugolo (arr) same date as above

[#18]: Jack Millman (flhrn), Bob Enevoldsen (v-tb), Buddy Collette (fl), Jimmy Giuffre (ts), Bob Gordon (bs), Red Norvo (vib), Claude Williamson (p), Red Mitchell (b), Shelly Manne (d), Frank Erickson (arr) same date as above

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