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Gary Burton with Eberhard Weber - Passengers

Guitarist Pat Metheny was a member of vibraphonist Gary Burton's group from 1974-1976, but although he had recorded with Burton twice previously, both of those dates also included guitarist Mick Goodrick. This particular set puts more of a focus on Metheny in a quintet that also includes drummer Danny Gottlieb and both Steve Swallow and Eberhard Weber on basses. Metheny contributed three of the six selections, which are joined by a song apiece from Swallow, Weber, and Chick Corea ("Sea Journey"). Although none of the individual songs caught on, the attractive sound of the post-bop unit and an opportunity to hear Pat Metheny in his formative period make this a CD reissue worth exploring.
Scott Yanow

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Gary Burton
Eberhard Weber


1 Sea Journey (Chick Corea)  9:19
2 Nacada (Metheny)  4:15
3 The Whopper (Metheny)  5:33
4 B & G (Midwestern Night Dreams) (Metheny)  8:27
5 Yellow Fields (Weber)  7:03
6 Claude And Betty (Swallow)  6:16


Gary Burton - vb
Pat Metheny - g
Steve Swallow - b g
Eberhard Weber - b
Dan Gottlieb - dr 

Recorded at Talent Studio, Oslo ; November, 1976


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