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Bruce Forman - Dedication

This disc is a culmination of a concept that I've been working on for years. It is compilation of tunes-both original and reworked standards-that exemplify some of the qualities of the great masters who have been such a profound effect on me and have guided my path throughout my years of playing. Because these artists had so much to offer, in so many ways, I found myself zeroing in on a particular aspect of their style and then added my signature to the mix. In many cases-even in the context of an original by that artist-I may have made changes that I felt best suited my style, that of the band, and strengthened what I wanted to bring forth in our evocation and respect of that person's artistry. I hope that through our efforts you will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of these talented American originals and that you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed playing it.
"Dedication" is a tune that combines many of my favorite elements of various Strayhorn and Ellington compositions. Did anyone contribute to the wealth and direction of American music as much as these two ? Not only the breadth of their compositional genius, but Duke's ability to create pieces that brought out the most of the people he had in mind to play them. This piece's atypical yet sensible harmony and asymmetric architecture lend it an almost lopsided quality that impels it towards the climatic statement at the end of each chorus, something found throughout the music of these two geniuses. I believe that Duke Ellington is one of the people credited as saying, "Good composers borrow, great composers steal." I hope that upon listening to this, you consider me guilty of grand theft...
Bruce Forman, from the "booklet"

Source :

Bruce Freeman
(Bootleg, vol. I)


1 Dedication (Strayhorn, Ellington)  5:53
2 Easy to Remember (Rodgers, Hart)  6:06
3 Caribe (Montgomery)  7:17
4 Mobile One (Forman)  6:39
5 Sweet and Lovely (Arnheim, Daniels, Tobias)  6:46
6 Visitation (Chambers)  6:27
7 Carousel (Forman)  4:57
8 Cheryl (Parker)  6:30


Bruce Forman - g
John Wiitala - b
Vince Lateano - dr

Recorded at Bellboy Studios, Richmond, CA ; November 10, 1999


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