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Barney Kessel - Spontaneous Combustion

This excellent straight-ahead set (which has been reissued on CD along with a "bonus" cut, "Shaw Nuff") finds pianist Monty Alexander, along with bassist John Clayton and drummer Jeff Hamilton, lighting a fire under guitarist Barney Kessel and pushing him to some of his more heated playing. Kessel performs four of his better originals plus "'Round Midnight," "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life," "Everything I Have Is Yours" and "Get Me to the Church on Time," sounding inspired by the company he was keeping. Recommended.
Scott Yanow

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Barney Kessel


1 Moonlight Walk (Kessel)  5:19
2 Bluesy (Kessel)  6:07
3 'Round Midnight (Hanighen, Monk, Williams)  5:44
4 Star Fire (Kessel)  7:34
5 Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life (Herbert, Young)  5:38
6 Almost the Blues (Kessel)  7:27
7 Everything I Have Is Yours (Adamson, Lane)  4:13
8 Get Me to the Church on Time (Lerner, Loewe)  6:37
9 Shaw 'Nuff (Brown, Fuller, Gillespie, Parker)  5:34


Barney Kessel - g
Monty Alexander - p
John Clayton - b
Jeff Hamilton - dr

Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley ; February 20-22, 1987


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Kessel Spontaneous Combustion - En train de télécharger en ce moment. J'ai très hâte d'entendre cet album. Merci beaucoup, Mel.

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Thanx so much for this fine Barney Kessel!! Lots of great tunes!!


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Lovely Barney Kessel. Interesting to see Hamilton and Clayton here. Thank you very much.

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Barney Kessel -spontaneous combustion
Thanks for the chance to hear this Mel. Great songs and players looking forward to it.

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Great post. Kessel was a fine guitarist. Thanks melanchthon.

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Monty Alexander - p
John Clayton - b
Jeff Hamilton - dr

One of the best rhytm sessions of all time! Perfect fit with Barney Kessel.

Thank you Mel!