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Youra Guller Plays Ludwig van Beethoven

There is always a temptation to make legends out of the past. Leaving our own youthful susceptibility and inexperience out of count, we are all too prone to attribute superhuman virtues to artists heard in years gone by. Yet when suddenly one of these legendary figures makes a Phoenix-like return to the musical scene, as Mme Youra Guller has done in recent months, opening up enough vistas in music such as Beethoven's last sonata in C minor to transform interpretation into an act of creation in itself, inevitably the question arises again : was there something about life in days before subsidized musical education, jet aeroplanes, concerts eight nights a week, and an unbroken flow of notes over the radio, that fostered quality in place of quantity ? For younger musicians of today, to whom Youra Guller is no doubt a total stranger, she can best be placed in perspective by a sentence in Mr Gerald Moore's book, Am I too Loud ? Describing a 'Pianoforte Society' series of recitals planned at Wigmore Hall not long after the First World War, he lists the seven artists invited to take part as Moritz Rosenthal, Emil Sauer, Artur Rubinstein, Josef Hoffman, Alfred Cortot, Solomon and Youra Guller…whatever she chooses to play whenever she returns to this country, young musicians should not miss the chance of hearing her. They may get an occasional wrong note, or a bar or two of less than streamlined virtuosity. But they will be rewarded with music-making of Promethean might.
Joan Chissell, 1966

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Youra Guller
Ludwig van Beethoven


Piano Sonata n° 32 in C Minor, Op. 111
1 I. Maestoso - Allegro con brio ed appassionato  10:27
2 II. Arietta. Adagio molto semplice e cantabile  18:33

Piano Sonata n° 31 in A-Flat Major, Op. 110
3 I. Moderato cantabile molto espressivo  6:50
4 II. Allegro molto  2:30
5 Adagio ma non troppo  3:34
6 Fuga. Allegro ma non troppo  7:52


Youra Guller - p

Recorded at the Eglise Notre-Dame du Liban, Paris ; February 12/14, 1973


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