Monday, September 19, 2016

The Poll Winners Exploring the Scene !

For one of their better outings, the Poll Winners (guitarist Barney Kessel, bassist Ray Brown, and drummer Shelly Manne) perform nine fairly recent jazz standards. It is ironic that this is their only release not yet reissued on CD, since it may very well be their strongest program. The trio performs creative versions of such songs as "Little Susie," "So What," "Doodlin'," "This Here," and Ornette Coleman's "The Blessing." Worth searching for.
Scott Yanow

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Barney Kessel
The Poll Winners
Exploring the Scene !


1 Little Susie (Brown, Bryant)  3:56
2 The Duke (Brubeck)  4:53
3 So What (Davis)  5:28
4 Misty (Burke, Garner)  3:27
5 Doodlin' (Silver)  3:32
6 The Golden Striker (Lewis)  3:22
7 Li'l Darlin' (Hefti)  5:28
8 The Blessing (Coleman)  4:48
9 This Here (Timmons)  6:35


Barney Kessel - g
Ray Brown - b
Shelly Manne - dr

Recorded at Contemporary Records' Studio, Los Angeles, California ; August 30 & 31, 1960


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