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Sviatoslav Richter Plays Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy's works make up the bulk of Sviatoslav Richter's (1915-1997) repertoire : it included the works of such great masters as Chopin, Rachmaninov, Beethoven and Prokofiev. In the 60-70-ies Debussy's works prevailed in the oustanding pianist's repertoire along with Chopin's and Beethoven's compositions.
The famous French Impressionist's exquisite miniatures attracted Richter from the first years of his concert activity. Even in 1938 during one of his early recitals the young musician performed some selected preludes (Le Vent dans la plaine, Les Sons et les parfums tournent dans l'air du soir, Les Collines d'Anacapri) and the piece from the cyhcle Images (Cloches à travers les feuilles). By the end of the 40-ies almost all preludes from Debussy's First Book had been mastered. Ten years later the pieces from the Second Book were coped with, as well. The last ones that were included in Sviatoslav Richter's repertoire were Les Tierces alternées and Feux d'artifice (1966). Richter ignored only two of 24 Préludes - Minstrels and La Fille aux cheveux de lin ; he never performed them. " I do not belong to tenacious adherents who stick to performing all works of a composer without any exception", stated he in his Dialogues. "I do not play all Chopin's Etudes just because some of them do not attract me - Octave one, in particular. I do not perform all Beethoven's Sonatas either ; just twenty two". This is the reason why there is no record of Debussy's whole First Book of Préludes. The Second Book was also seldom performed as a whole. Richter preferred to include separate preludes in the programmes of other composers or perform them encore. From this point of view, the record on air of Richter's performing the Second Book of Préludes in one of the acoustically best halls of Moscow is a unique phenomenon...
From the booklet, by A. Zhitkova translated by E. Gavricheva

Sviatoslav Richter
Claude Debussy


Suite Bergamasque

1 Prélude  4:54
2 Menuet  3:37
3 Clair de Lune  6:30
4 Passepied  3:32

 (excerpts from Book I)

5 Danseuses de Delphes. Lent et grave  3:28
6 Le Vent dans la plaine. Animé  2:04
7 La Sérénade interrompue. Modérément animé  3:13
8 La Danse de Puck. Capricieux et léger  2:26

(Book II)

9 I. Brouillards. Modéré extrêmement égal et léger  3:19
10 II. Feuilles mortes. Lent et mélancolique  3:02
11 III. La Puerta del Vino. Mouvement de Habanera avec de brusques oppositions d'extrême violence et de passionnée douceur  3:12
12 IV. "Les Fées sont d'exquises danseuses". Rapide et léger  2:42
13 V. Bruyères. Calme - Doucement expressif  2:43
14 VI. "General Lavine" - eccentric. Dans le style et le Mouvement d'un Cake-Walk  2:32
15 VII. La Terrasse des audiences du clair de lune. Lent  4:25
16 VIII. Ondine. Scherzando  3:12
17 IX. Hommage à S. Pickwick, Esq., P.P.M.P.C. Grave  2:28
18 X. Canope. Très calme et doucement triste  2:54
19 XI. Les Tierces alternées. Modérément animé  3:20
20 XI. Feux d'artifice. Modérément animé  3:46


Sviatoslav Richter - p

Recorded live from the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory ; [# 5, 7-8], 1961 ; [# 9-20] May 26, 1967 ; [# 6] October 10, 1976 ; & [# 1-4] June 5, 1979


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