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Mick Goodrick & Joe Diorio - Rare Birds

This is a remarkable album of duets with fellow jazz guitar virtuoso and educator, Mick Goodrick. There are six standards and six originals which, the producer's liner notes say, 'were all improvised and composed at the very moment I was pushing the record button on my tape machine.' Joe and Mick sound destined to play together, so well do they combine on this album ; the two players weave around each other in a way that I find captivating. They push the boundaries with free improvisations and play the standards as well — but in a fresh way. One of the originals ("Romantic Carnival") is so remarkable that it deserves to become a standard in its own right. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard, yet it was improvised on the spot, with only the chord structure planned. At times on this album, the two players abandon the convention of one player comping and the other soloing and instead, play in counterpoint — weaving single lines around each other — eg. "Counterpoint Carnival/Manha de Carnival" and the gripping "Rare Birds". On the other hand, in "Blue in Green", the tune is not stated until the end. This is an album of surprise and innovation, virtuosity and serenity. It's probably essential listening for any jazz guitarist and one of the classics in the jazz guitar catalogue. I am entranced whenever I listen to it.
Richard Smallfield

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Mick Goodrick
Joe Diorio
Rare Birds


1 On Green Dolphin Street (Kaper, Washington)  6:44
2 My Funny Valentine (Rodgers)  6:48
3 Out of Nowhere, (You Came Along From) (Green, Hart)  7:17
4 Well, You Needn't (Monk, Ferro)  4:47
6 Blue in Green (Davis, Evans)  5:58
7 A Child is Born (Jones)  6:01
8 Counterpoint Carnival (Diorio, Goodrick)  3:25
9 Rare Birds (Diorio, Goodrick)  8:43
10 Uncork the Bottle (Diorio, Goodrick) 6:40
11 Romantic Carnival (Diorio, Goodrick) 4:20
12 Space Walk (Diorio, Goodrick) 3:50


Mick Goodrick - g
Joe Diorio - g

Recorded at MM Recording Lab, Parma, Italy ; April 12 & 13, 1993


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Joe Diorio & Mick Goodrick - Rare Birds

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