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John Graas - Jazzmantics & Coup de Graas [The John Graas Project #5]

As part of Lone Hill Jazz's John Graas project, this CD reissues all of the music originally out on the LPs Jazzmantics and Coup de Graas, plus a leftover track from French Horn Jazz. Graas, one of the top jazz French horn players of the 1950s, was also a talented third stream arranger and composer. On these albums he is heard leading groups ranging from a quintet to a tentet, with Art Pepper often being well featured. The music ranges from swinging, cool-toned hard bop to adventurous selections that hint strongly at classical music. In addition to Pepper, key soloists include trumpeter Conte Candoli, tenor saxophonist Bob Cooper, and altoist Herb Geller with Red Callender having a prominent role on tuba. The formerly rare music from 1957 (with the French Horn Jazz selection dating from the previous year) is well-worth discovering for it was overshadowed and somewhat overlooked even when it was released a half-century ago.
Scott Yanow

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John Graas
[The John Graas Project #5]


1 Midnight Sun (Burke, Hampton)  4:12
2 Petite Poem (Moer)  2:41
3 Jazz Overture (Graas)  6:41
4 Jazz Chorale (Grove)  3:29
5 Will Success Spoil Rock N’ Roll ? (Graas)  3:03
6 You And The Night And The Music (Schwartz, Dietz)  2:26
7 Inch Worm (Loesser)  3:27
8 Flip-Tip (Burke)  2:57
9 I.D (Graas)  5:08
10 Let’s Fall In Love (Arlen, Koehler)  4:51
11 Van Nuys Indeed (Graas)  3:20
12 Development (Graas)  4:11
13 Land of Broken Toys (Graas)  2:57
14 Swing Nicely (Graas)  5:22
15 Walkin’ Shoes (Mulligan)  5:08
16 Blues Street (Graas)  5:51
17 Rogeresque (Graas)  2:26
18. Block Sounds (Graas)  5:18
19. Cordova (Graas)  3:32*


[# 1-5 & 9] John Graas Nonet - Jazzmantics
Conte Candoli - tp
John Graas - frhrn
Art Pepper - as
Buddy Collette - bs
Red Callender - tub
Paul Moer - p
Red Mitchell - b [# 1-3]
Buddy Clark - b [# 4-5 & 9]
Shelly Manne - dr

Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; July 22, 1957 [# 1-3] ; & August 13, 1957 [# 4-5 & 9]
[# 6-8 & 10] John Graas Septet - Jazzmantics
Same as above, except
Jack Sheldon - tp, replaces Candoli
Herb Geller - as, replaces Art Pepper
Jack Montrose - ts, replaces Bob Cooper

Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; September 24, 1957 [# 6-8 & 10]
[# 11-14, 16 & 18] John Graas Nonet - Coup De Grass
Conte Candoli - tp [except # 14] or Pete Candoli [# 12 -13]
John Graas - frhrn
Art Pepper - ts & ob [# 13]
Buddy Collette - bs & fl [# 16]
Red Callender - tub
Paul Moer - p
Buddy Clark - b
Larry Bunker - dr, also xyl & timp [# 12-13]
Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; August 15, 1957
[# 15 & 17] John Graas Quintet - Coup De Grass

Same as above, except
Candoli, Collette, Cooper & Callender are out
Same date as above
[# 19 * Bonus Track] French Horn Jazz
John Graas - frhrn
Gerald Wiggins - p
Buddy Clark - b
Larry Bunker - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; June 19, 1956

NB : others titles from the "French Horn Jazz" session can be found
Considered to be one of the pioneers of the French Horn, John Graas is one of the emblematic figures of the West Coast style and one of the representatives least known by current enthusiasts. Graas, who died at the age of 37, had a brief but intense jazz career, with recordings that have become unwithering examples of the jazz of the fifties. The John Graas Project is conceived as a homage-tribute to this great jazzman on the eightieth anniversary of his birth. It includes a collection of 13 LPs never previously re-edited on CD, among which stand out the 6 volumes of the famous series “Jazz Studio”, the LP “ College Goes To Jazz”, and the 6 records that he recorded under his own name: two “Jazz Lab” releases, “French Horn Jazz”, “Jazzmantics”, “Coup de Graas” and “International Premiere in Jazz”, where he lead groups featuring Art Pepper, Jimmy Giuffre, Gerry Mulligan, Zoot Sims, Herb Geller, Bud Shank, Charlie Mariano, Bob Cooper, André Previn, Marty Paich, Dave Pell, Russ Freeman, the Candoli brothers, Shelly Manne, Larry Bunker, Jack Sheldon, and many others.



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