Thursday, September 8, 2016

Joe Pass & Tommy Gumina Trio - Autumn Leaves

Tommy Gumina was one of the few brave souls to follow Art Van Damme's lead and explore the jazz accordion. Gumina is best remembered for his innovative collaborations with clarinetist Buddy DeFranco on their quartet recordings of the early 1960s. Gumina joined Harry James' scaled-down band in 1951 and toured with James for the next two years. He then struck out as a soloist, recording several albums for Decca. In 1960, he joined with DeFranco to form a quartet that played both standards and original compositions by each. Although the group put out albums on Decca and Mercury, they had little commercial success, so by 1964, the two headed for greener pastures: DeFranco to lead the New Glenn Miller Orchestra, and Gumina to work in design and marketing for a major accordion maker.
In 1968, Gumina founded Polytone Musical Instruments, which specializes in manufacturing and selling amplifiers designed for professional musicians. The name came from one of the albums he cut with DeFranco. As a side venture, he recorded and released several albums, including one with DeFranco and three with a Polytone endorser, jazz guitarist Joe Pass. Unfortunately, these albums are virtually impossible to find, most of the copies having gone straight from Gumina to a small circle of customers and friends.

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Joe Pass
Tommy Gumina
Autumn Leaves


1 The Way You Look Tonight (Kern)  4:38
2 Smile (Chaplin)  4:21
3 Autumn Leaves (Kosma)  3:07
4 Teach Me Tonight (DePaul)  3:25
5 I Love You (Porter)  3:13
6 Without A Song (Youmans)  4:58
7 When I Fall in Love (Young)  4:52
8 Polly Wants a Tonic (Gumina, Pass)  3:39
9 Pretty Bayou (DeFranco)  4:02
10 Too Late Now (Lane)  3:21


Buddy DeFranco - cl
Joe Pass - g
Tommy Gumina - plchr
Jimmie Smith - dr

Recorded at Amigo Studios, North Hollywood, California ; November 1989


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I have an LP version but not CD. Thank you.

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Unique, thanks MM.

Room 335 is worth checking for his upload of The Cal Collins Quartet - Ohio Style, magnificent recording, with beautiful support from Jerry Van Blair's fluegerhorn, highly recommended to everyone.

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thanks for a very interesting recording.
a couple of questions...
what does "plchr" stand for, and what and who is providing the bass lines.
very mysterious.

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