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Jimmy Raney - Jazz Guitar Rarities (LXXVII)

In 1946 Jimmy worked for a time as guitarist with the Max Miller Quartet at Elmer’s in Chicago, his first paying gig. Raney also worked in the Artie Shaw Orchestra and collaborated with Woody Herman for nine months in 1948. He also collaborated and recorded with Buddy DeFranco, Al Haig and later on with Bob Brookmeyer. In 1967 alcoholism and other professional difficulties led him to leave New York City and return to his native Louisville. He resurfaced in the 1970s and also did work with his son Doug, who is also a guitarist. Raney suffered for thirty years from Meniere’s Disease, a degenerative condition that eventually led to near complete deafness in both ears. Fortunately, his playing remained unaffected. Raney died of heart failure,in Louisville Ky. on May 10th of 1995, just short of his 68th birthday. An obituary in the New York Times referred to Jimmy Raney as 'one of the most gifted and influential postwar jazz guitarists in the world'.

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Jimmy Raney
Jazz Guitar


1 Pardon My Bop (Getz)  2:31
2 As I Live and I Bop (Getz)  2:59
3 Interlude In Bebop (Getz)  2:44
4 Diaper Pin (Getz)  2:36
5 In A Little Spanish Town (Wayne, Louis, Young)  2:35
6 Always (Berlin)  2:24
7 Bopelbaby (Haig)  2:39
8 Take A Little Bop (Haig)  2:56
9 Medicine Man (Steward)  2:37
10 Passeport To Pimlico (Steward)  2:36
11 T’Ain’t No Use (Steward)  2:52
12 Sinbad the Sailor (Steward)  2:46
13 Gone with the Wind (Magidson, Wrubel)  3:26
14. Scholar’s Mate (Raney)  3:54
15 Yesterdays (Kern, Harbach)  4:25
16 Two Drams of Soma (Raney)  3:46


Stan Getz - ts
Jimmy Raney - g
Al Haig - p
Clyde Lombardi - b
Charlie Perry - dr
Recorded in New York ; Summer 1948
Terry Swope - vc
Jimmy Raney - g & vc
Al Haig - p
Don Russo- b
Charlie Perry - dr
Recorded in New York ; late 1948
Herbie Steward - ts
Jimmy Raney - g
Al Haig - p
Curly Russell - b
Roy Haynes - dr
Recorded in New York ; January 17, 1950
John Wilson - tp
Jimmy Raney - g
Hal Overton - p
Teddy Kotick - b
Nick Stabulas - dr
Recorded in New York ; May 4, 1956


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