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Hot vs. Cool & Cats vs. Chicks

A ‘blowing contest‘ is a music competition to show the audience and the opponents who is the better musician. Such competitions amuse both, musicians and audience, because the counterparties incite each other to peak performance. Leonard Feather pit ‘Hot Jazz‘ against ‘Cool Jazz‘ and ‘Cats‘ against ‘Chicks‘, represented by outstanding blowers and bands : Jimmy Mc Partland Dixieland All Stars vs. Dizzy Gillespie And The Cool Jazz Stars ; Clark Terry And His Septet vs. Terry Pollard And Her Septet...

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Leonard Feather
Hot vs. Cool & Cats vs. Chicks


Dizzy Gillespie's Cool Jazz Stars
Jimmy McPartland's Hot Jazz Stars

1 How High The Moon (Lewis, Hamilton)  3:15
2 How High The Moon (Lewis, Hamilton)  2:57
3 Indiana (Hanley, McDonald)  3:19
4 Indiana (Hanley, McDonald)  2:51
5 Muskrat Ramble (Ory)  3:21
6 Muskrat Ramble (Ory)  3:03
7 Battle Of Blues (unknown)  3:10
8 Battle Of Blues (unknown)  3:06


Clark Terry and His Septet
Terry Pollard and Her Septet

9 Cat Meets Chick (Feather)  3:35
10. Cat Meets Chick (Feather)  2:26
11. Mamblues (Williams)  2:34
12. Mamblues (Williams)  3:29
13. The Man I Love (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:46
14 The Man I Love (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:19
15 Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better) (Berlin)  4:55


Jimmy McPartland - c
Vic Dickenson - tb
Edmond Hall - cl
Dick Cary - p & t
Jack Lesberg - sb
George Wettling - dr
Dizzy Gillespie - tp
Don Elliott - mel & tp
Buddy DeFranco - cl
Ray Abrams - ts
Ronnie Ball - p
Al McKibbon - b
Max Roach - dr 
Recorded in New York, at Birdland, live recording ; November 24, 1952
[# 9-15] Cats vs. Chicks - CLARK TERRY AND HIS SEPTET
Clark Terry - tp
Urbie Green - tb
Lucky Thompson - ts
Horace Silver - p
Tal Farlow - g
Oscar Pettiford - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Norma Carson - tp
Terry Pollard - vb
Corky Hecht - hrp
Bery Booker - p
Mary Osborne - g

Bonnie Wetzel - b
Elaine Leighton - dr

Recorded in New York ; June 2, 1954


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Leonard Feather Presents - Hot vs. Cool & Cats vs. Chicks

The concept is a bit of a gimmick, but the music is a lot of fun.

I was amused to see that even though these were promoted as a "long play" records, only 1 of the 15 tracks is longer than 4 minutes. Clearly, they were still working within the approximately 3.5 minute limit of the 78 rpm record.

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