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Dave Pell Plays Irving Berlin

The Dave Pell Octet was one of the definitive cool jazz groups of the 1950s. Tenor saxophonist Pell played with Les Brown's big band during 1948-56 and started to record with an octet drawn from the orchestra in 1953. His first project was a set of a dozen Irving Berlin tunes, and the results are quite memorable. The swinging and subtle ensembles, concise and emotionally restrained solos, and excellent musicianship would be trademarks of the band. Consisting of Pell ; trumpeter Don Fagerquist ; trombonist Ray Sims ; Ronny Lang on baritone, alto, and flute ; pianist Jeff Clarkson ; guitarist Tony Rizzi ; bassist Rolly Bundock ; and drummer Jack Sperling, the octet plays arrangements by Shorty Rogers, Jerry Fielding, and Wes Hensel. Among the highlights are "I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket," "Russian Lullaby," "They Say It's Wonderful," and "This Year's Kisses." Recommended.
Scott Yanow

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Dave Pell
Irving Berlin


1 I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket  3:36
2 Change Partners  2:39
3 Love and the Weather  3:19
4 Russian Lullaby  2:54
5 Kate  3:07
6 Say It with Music  2:15
7 I Used to Be Color Blind  3:09
8 Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee  3:10
9 Better Luck Next Time  3:23
10 They Say It's Wonderful  3:19
11 This Year's Kisses  3:13
12 He Ain't Got Rhythm  3:18

All Compositions by Irving Berlin


Don Fagerquist - tp
Ray Sims - tb
Ronny Lang - bs, as & fl
Dave Pell - ts
Jeff Clarkson - p
Tony Rizzi - g
Rolly Bundock - b
Jack Sperling - dr

Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood ; April 27 & May 28, 1953


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