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Oscar Moore - Gallivantin' Guitar (Tampa)

Oscar Moore's guitar is immediately recognizable. As an integral part of the King Cole Trio for ten years he has won a loyal following.  I can't think of any other guitar player who has as his heritage such a distinctive and individual tone. An all around good musician equip-  ped with an excellent ear he enjoys working in keys usually foreign to the average iazz musician such as D natural or B but yet losing none  of the finger dexterity necessary for good guitar work. I have been acquainted with Oscar for perhaps a dozen years having first met him at  the old 331 Club in Los Angeles where the King Cole Trio held forth and I remember even then the unusual attention paid him by well known  musicians. Winner of three ‘firsts’ on the Downbeat iazz poll and Metronome he has been showered with honors during the past ten yours.  The use of bongos with the trio on this LP. adds balance and enhances the value of the compositions to the extent that it draws the attention  of the listener much more so if only recorded with the standard three instruments (piano, bass and guitar). Precise and clean, knitted together with the trio in a good tight beat the bongos strike out for a full minute of solo in the opening number “Up Tempo". And yet the pen  formance remains iazz both in feel and the construction of the solos throughout. Joe Comfort on bass deserves special mention as well as Carl  Perkins on piano and Mike Pacheco on the bongos. They compliment Moore beautifully and each is an exacting musician well acquainted  with his instrument. There is one minute and 55 seconds of entrancing sounds on “Kiss Me Again". The "Samson and Delilah Theme" is outstanding ; “Warm Up” is a swinging ball. The ten tunes recorded on the album have been carefully selected for the express purpose of  showing the aptitude of each man as well as we hope for the purpose of entertaining the listener. The recordings were made al Radio Re-  corders in Hollywood and the engineer was Val Valentin, one of the best, l may add to ever grace the throne of that little room where those  endearing sounds emit. The recordings were held on two separate days supervised by myself and starting at two of each afternoon. On the  first day we ran into a little trouble with isolation of the instruments. The guitar did not seem to stand on top enough also but after a few ad~  iustments the balance was had and we proceeded. We cut “Up Tempo" first to warm up on so to speak. There were tive takes until all were  satisfied. This is the number where the bongos is shown off to tremendous advantage. Next we did “Buddy Can You Spare A Dime". There  were no problems with this and we did next “There’ll Never Be Another You". After first trying “April In Paris" in a slow tempo l suggested  a faster tempo with bongos and it seemed to feel good. Oscar cut a wonderful solo on this tune and then we got “Warrn Up" as the final  tune of the session for the first day. Three hours were spent in all. The second day we started with the “Samson and Delilah" theme and had  the balance problem again but this was soon ironed out and we proceeded to get “Moonlight In Vermont". “Kiss Me Again" followed with  only one take. lt was very relaxed and after taking ‘five’ we went to “Dinner For One Please James" the old show tune. We did “Wallcin’  Home" last and got out in two hours and a half to wind up the entire LP. session.

Oscar Moore
Gallivantin' Guitar


1 Roulette (Moore)  4:26
2 Nearness of You (Carmichael, Washington)  2:51
3 Love for Sale (Porter)  1:45
4 Body and Soul (Eyton, Green, Heyman, Sour)  2:35
5 Blues in B-Flat (Moore)  2:24
6 Kenya (Moore)  5:16
7 Kiss Me Again (Blossom, Herbert)  1:25
8 Up Tempo (Moore)  4:59
9 Buddy Can You Spare a Dime ? (Gomey, Harburg, Moore)  2:34
10 There'll Never Be Another You* (Bergner, Nelson)  2:29
11 April in Paris (Duke, Harburg)  2:37
12 Samson and Delilah Theme (Young)  3:14
13 Moonlight in Vermont* (Blackburn, Suesort)  2:05
14 Dinner for One (Carr)  2:29
15 Walkin' Home (Moore)  5:43
16 Warm Up (Moore)  2:51


[# 1-7] Gallivantin' Guitar (Tampa 22)
Oscar Moore - g
Carl Perkins - p
Joe Comfort - b
Lee Young - dr
[# 8-16] The Oscar Moore (Tampa 10)
Same as above, except
Mike Pachebo - bg, is added

Recorded in 1954


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