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Milt Jackson - Ballads and Blues

The title says it all with this one — as Milt Jackson plays a set of ballads, and a set of blues — but both in ways that really make the best of his warmly chromatic approach to the vibes ! The players here vary on different tracks, but apart from MJQ regular John Lewis, the album also presents Jackson with some less-familiar associates who include Barney Kessel on guitar, Lucky Thompson on tenor, and Oscar Pettiford on bass. A few tracks on the album also feature an augmented woodwind section — and titles include "Bright Blues", "Hello", "They Didn't Believe Me", "The Song Is Ended", "So In Love", and "Gerry's Blues".
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Milt Jackson
Ballads & Blues


1 So in Love (Porter)  3:11
2 These Foolish Things (Marvell)  4:25
3 Solitude (Ellington, Mills, DeLange)  4:39
4 The Song Is Ended (Berlin) 4:40
5 They Didn't Believe Me (Kern, Rourke)  3:44
6 How High The Moon (Hamilton, Lewis)  6:14
7 Gerry's Blues (Jackson)  5:02
8 Hello (Jackson)  3:46
9 Bright Blues (Jackson)  6:14


[# 6, 8 & 9] Milt Jackson Sextet
Milt Jackson - vb
Lucky Thompson - ts
John Lewis - p
Skeeter Best - g
Oscar Pettiford - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Recorded in New York ; January 17, 1956
[# 2, 4 & 7] Milt Jackson Quartet
Milt Jackson - vb
Barney Kessel - g
Percy Heath - b
Lawrence Marable - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles ; February 14, 1956
[# 1, 3 & 5] Milt Jackson Sextet
Milt Jackson - vb
John Lewis - p
Barry Galbraith - g
Oscar Pettiford - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Unidentified Woodwinds
Recorded in New York ; January 21, 1956


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