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Les Rarissimes de Daniel Wayenberg

The Dutch pianist and part-time composer Daniel Wayenberg’s surname is so similar to that of a remarkable pianist who was much in the public eye — Alexis Weissenberg — that it may have confused the issue in the minds of French music-lovers, even though Wayenberg was actually born in Paris. As a matter of fact he and Weissenberg were both born in the same year, S1929 — but there the parallels end. Wayenberg owes the fact that he was a native Parisian to his father’s profession as a journalist, but his love of music came from his Russian mother, a talented violinist who was a pupil of Auer at the St Petersburg Conservatory. Back in Holland, Wayenberg was taught by Arie Verhaar at the Conservatoire in The Hague at the age of five, returning to Paris in I947 for advanced study with Marguerite Long. A second prize in the Long-Thibaud competition in 1949 was quite enough to launch his career : he brought to his playing a powerful sound, a full range of colours and a sense of touch which only Samson Francois could equal. Armed early on with a vast repertoire, including numerous concertos, a repertoire which he mastered with-rare technical aplomb, he also showed himself to be an indefatigable performer of new music. Concert promoters found in him that rare bird, someone with a completely reliable technique who could offer them a great variety of recital programmes...
Jean-Charles Hoffelé (translation Hugh Graham), from the booklet

Les Rarissimes
Daniel Wayenberg


Cd. 1

Maurice Ravel

Concerto pour piano en Sol
1 I. Allegremente  8:37
2 II. Adagio assai  10:21
3 III. Presto  4:16

4 Concerto pour la main gauche  19:23

5 I. Modéré  4:20
6 II. Mouvement de menuet  3:49
7 III. Animé  4:02

Gaspard de la Nuit
Trois poèmes pour piano d'après Aloysius Bertrand
8 I. Ondine. Lent  6:31
9 II. Le Gibet. Très lent  6:56
10 III. Scarbo. Modéré  9:14


Cd. 2

Franz Liszt

1 Mephisto-Valse n° 1  12:00
2 Funérailles (Harmonies poétiques et religieuses, n° 7  13:09

Igor Stravinsky

Trois mouvements de Petrouchka
3 Danse russe  2:27
4 Chez Petrouchka  4:25
5 La Semaine grasse  8:07

André Jolivet

Sonate pour piano n° 1
6 I. Allegro  7:09
7 II. Molto lento  5:59
8 III. Largo  6:42

Sonate pour piano n° 2
9 I. Allegro molto  5:20
10 II. Largo  5:39
11 III. Finale  4:36


Daniel Wayenberg - p
Orchestre du Théâtre des Champs-Elysées/Ernest Bour - cond.

Recorded at Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, Paris ; January 7/11, 1957 [Cd. 1, # 1-4] ; Salle Adyar, Paris ; October 27 & 28, 1954 [Cd. 1, # 5-10 ?] ; 1957 [Cd. 2, # 1 & 2] ; Salle Wagram, Paris ; July 27 & 28, 1959 [Cd. 2, # 3-5] ; & Mars 25 & 27, 1964 [Cd. 2, # 6-11]


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