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Jim Hall & Friends - Live at Town Hall

The first of two volumes of music recorded at a 1990 Town Hall concert features Jim Hall in a number of different contexts. First, there are a pair of duets with old friend and frequent musical partner Ron Carter, with whom he recorded duos on more than one occasion; the chemistry is still very much alive between them. Bob Brookmeyer, a brilliant valve trombonist and musician who also previously recorded with Hall in Jimmy Giuffre's trio and other contexts, suggested segueing directly from "Skylark" into "Begin the Beguine," both of which are stimulating performances full of surprises. The sonorous baritone sax of Gerry Mulligan also meshes well with the guitarist, heard in moving interpretations of "All the Things You Are" and "Prelude to a Kiss." To wrap volume one, a string quartet is added for the last three pieces, along with a rhythm section (pianist Don Thompson, bassist Steve LaSpina, and drummer Terry Clarke) on the first two selections. Hall's "1953" (also known as "Thesis") is a Third Stream piece written while he was studying at the Cleveland Institute of Music ; this concert performance marks its first playing. Thompson composed the tense "Abstract & Dreams," which was inspired by their work together in a Canadian club back in the '70s. Finally, the rhythm section is replaced by vibraphonist Gary Burton for Tommy Kamp's arrangement of Astor Piazolla's moving "Laura"s Dream." Beautifully recorded and mixed with an attentive, hushed audience, this live CD should be considered an essential part of Jim Hall's vast discography.
Ken Dryden

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Jim Hall & Friends
Live at Town Hall
vol. 1 & 2 
(Japanese Import)


Cd. 1

1 Alone Together (Dietz, Schwartz)  6:44
2 St. Thomas (Rollins)  5:14
3 Skylark (Carmichael, Mercer)  4:30
4 Begin the Beguine (Porter)  6:57
5 All the Things You Are (Hammerstein, Kern)  6:02
6 Prelude to a Kiss (Ellington, Gordon, Mills)  7:13
7 1953 "Thesis" (Hall)  9:05
8 Abstract and Dreams (Thompson)  14:22
9 Laura's Dream (Piazzolla)  6:26


Cd. 2

1 Hide and Seek (Hall)  10:56
2 How Deep Is the Ocean ? (Berlin)  8:13
3 Sancticity (Hawkins)  8:52
4 My Funny Valentine (Hart, Rodgers)  7:46
5 Careful (Hall)  8:23


Featuring Jim Hall, Ron Carter, Terry Clarke, Don Thompson, Gerry Mulligan, Gil Goldstein, Steve LaSpina, John Scofield, Mick Goodrick, John Abercrombie, Bob Brookmeyer, Gary Burton, etc...

Recorded in Studio C., BMG Studios, from Town Hall ; June 26, 1990

(See the complete artwork for all details)

For the second half of a two-part Town Hall concert dubbed "The Jim Hall Invitational," different personnel appears on each selection. Throughout guitarist Jim Hall's adventurous spirit is consistent in its inspiration. The lengthy "Hide and Seek" is a searching group improvisation featuring Hall's quartet (with keyboardist Gil Goldstein, bassist Steve LaSpina and drummer Terry Clarke). The other four performances form a bit of a guitar summit. Hall teams up with guitarists Peter Bernstein and John Scofield on individual tracks (the latter is on Coleman Hawkins' "Sanctity"), a rendition of "My Funny Valentine" without Hall matches together Mick Goodrick and John Abercrombie and all five guitarists jam on the leader's "Careful" which also includes vibraphonist Gary Burton. An interesting and successful outing.
Scott Yanow

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