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Jean "Matelo" Ferret - Tziganskaïa

Before these recordings by Matelo Ferret were issued, one knew very little of the gipsy guitarists — apart from those who played jazz — working around 1925-1930 in "cabarets", "Caf'conc" and dancing-halls. Some people were of course well aware of the factthat the young Django — a six strings banjo virtuoso since his early years — played brilliantly Monti's "Csardas" or the legenday gipsy Gusti Malha's very elaborated waltzes, such as "La Valse des Niglos". Nevertheless, as very few people in those days, ventured into the "bal-musette" of the Parisian "zone", no one knew he had in his youth composed tunes which had made him very famous in the popular world of the French capital. No doubt it was the reason why these deeply inventive but forgotten waltzes — "Chez Jacquet", "Montagne sainte-Geneviève" and others — didn't come to light until a small record by Matelo, whose way of playing conveyed their very spirit, was issued in 1960. An it is that album which has been reissued...
Alain Antonietto, Paris, December 1988 from booklet (Translated from French by Madeleine Juteau)

Matelo Ferret
 other rare recordings
(1960 -1978)
(Including four previously unissued waltzes by Django Reinhardt)


1 Montagne sainte-Geneviève (Reinhardt)  2:02
2 Gagoug (Reinhardt)  2:33
3 Chez Jacquet (Reinhardt)  2:20
4 Choti (Reinhardt)  1:53
5 Tzinganskaïa (trad.)  3:06
6 Songe d’automne (Joyce)  2:47
7 Mademoiselle de Bucharest (Ferret)  2:02
8 Gagoug (Reinhardt)  3:19
9 In einer kleinen american Bar (trad.)  1:58
10 Cher ami (Lehar)  2:49
11 Sombre dimanche (Reszo)  3:01
12 Pouro Rom (Ferret)  3:10
13 Madona (Smith Praeger)  3:03
14 Soline (Ferret)  2:50
15 Charmaine (Rapée, Pollack)  2:39
16 Tchoucar valsarie (Ferret)  2:03
17 Fascination (Marchetti)  2:54
18 Ne te presse pas (trad.)  3:13
19 Kleine harmonika (Ferret)  2:36
20 Amoureuse (Berger)  3:00
21 Ambiance Tzigane (Ferreri)  2:51
22 Choti (Reinhardt)  2:30
23 Petite fleur (Bechet)  3:42
24 Berusovie (trad.)  2:12
25 Route des acacias (trad.)  4:08
26 Valse des officiers (trad.)  1:52
27 Caractère slave (Wagenheim)  2:36


Matelo Ferret - g
Boulou Ferré - g [lead # 6 & 21)
Jacques Montagne - g [# 1-4)
Sarane Ferret - g [# 1-4)
Ernst Pseffer - b
Michel Villach - cymb

Recorded in Paris, 1960 [# 1-4] ; & at Studio Sidney Bechet, Villetaneuse (France) ; 1978, other selections.


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