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Herbie Mann Quartet - Flamingo, vol. 2

An early showcase for the cool, compressed flute work of the young Herbie Mann a style that created a great bridge to jazz for so many later players on the instrument ! The Mann heard here isn't the overblown, soul-drenched Herbie of the 60s but a player who's very careful with his tone and timing, yet still able to swing incredibly well! Herbie's solos are a masterpiece of economy and set up strongly in a hip quartet that features some equally careful work from Joe Puma on guitar plus Charles Andrus on bass and Harold Granowsky on drums. There's a number of strong original tunes on the set numbers written with a bit of wit and angular finish...
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Herbie Mann
[volume 2]


1 I Told Every Little Star (Kern, Hammerstein II)  4:31
2 Love Is A Simple Thing (Siegel, Carroll)  2:03
3 There's No You (Adair, Hopper)  4:17
4 Sorri-Mao (Mann)  3:30
5 The Influential Mr. Cohn (Mann)  2:37
6 A One Way Love (Mann)  3:18
7 The Surrey With The Fringe On Top (Rodgers, Hammerstein)  2:42
8 Flamingo (Grouya)  2:44
9 Little Orphan Annie (Kahn, Sanders)  3:27
10 Jasmin (Blues for Flute Waltz) (Jones)  3:02
11 Beverly (Mann)  2:06
12 Woodchuck (Puma)  2:56


Herbie Mann - fl & ts
Joe Puma - g
Charles Andrus - b
Harold Granowsky - dr

Recorded in New York City ; June, 1955


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Thanks Mel! Very early Herbie is not something I am familiar with.

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Maurice Ferret & Joseph Pourville - Hommage à Django

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A beautiful album, with the soft tone of the flute from Mann, which is always a joy to hear, especially in the morning ! Joe Puma provides a perfect "backdrop" with great taste. As for several recordings from this era (some Red Norvo albums come to mind), one may find that the drums work lacks from interaction with the solists. At least the groove is here.

Thank you very much for this gem Mel !

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Did anyone record a larger number of albums than Herbie Mann? Seems like his discography numbers in the hundreds. Thanks for the post.

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