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Geller Sextette

Altoist Herb Geller was one of the major players in the West Coast jazz scene of the 1950s, able to fit very well in both cool jazz and hard bop settings.
Born in Los Angeles in late-1928, Geller had his first important job playing with Joe Venuti's orchestra in 1946. In 1949 he started a two-year period working in New York with the Claude Thornhill Big Band. In 1951 he returned to Los Angeles where he emerged as a major bop alto-saxophonist. Influenced by Charlie Parker and Benny Carter, Geller had his own hard-driving style. He married pianist Lorraine Walsh and for a time they appeared as The Gellers. He also worked with Billy May, Maynard Ferguson, Shorty Rogers, Bill Holman and Chet Baker. When Lorraine unexpectedly died in 1958, it led to Geller eventually leaving the country, settling in Berlin in 1962. He began a second career playing in German radio orchestras and European big bands for decades. While somewhat forgotten in the United States, he continued to improve as a player and, when he began visiting the U.S. on a regular basis in the 1990s, many fans were surprised to hear him playing even better than earlier.
The Herb Geller Sextette teams the Gellers with the great trumpeter Conte Candoli and the obscure but talented tenor Ziggy Vines. Standards alternate with such originals as "Gin for Fuguelhorns" and "Tardi At Zardi's."
Scott Yanow

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Herb Geller
The Herb Geller


1 Outpost Incident (Geller)  4:24
2 Crazy He Calls Me (Russell, Sigman)  5:26
3 Gin for Flugelhorns (Geller)  3:42
4 Tardi at Zardi's (Geller)  4:33
5 Vone Mae (Geller)  5:32
6 Rockin' Chair (Geller)  4:59
7 Owl Eyes (Geller)  4:25
8 You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To (Porter)  3:06


[# 1, 2, 6 & 8]
Conte Candoli - tp
Herb Geller - as
Ziggy Vines - ts
Lorraine Geller - p
Keith Mitchell (aka Red Mitchell) - b
Eldridge Freeman - dr
Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; August 19, 1955
[# 3-5 & 7]
Same as above, except 
Leroy Vinnegar - b, replaces Mitchell
Recorded in Los Angeles, California ; August 22, 1955


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