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Eric Dolphy in Europe ; The Complete 1961 Copenhagen Concerts

In Mid-July of 1961, Eric Dolphy was showcased at a celebrated engagement at the Five Spot in New York, where he performed in a quintet with trumpeter Booker Little. One of the nights was recorded and became the source material for three Prestige LPs. The Dolphy-Little experience was certainly worthy of additional exploration. However, unaware of the fact that Booker Little would die at the age of 23 on October 5, 1961, Dolphy accepted an offer to tour Europe as a solo artist backed by local musicians. He was in the Old Continent in August and September of 1961, and by the time he came back home, it was too late to work with the trumpeter again, so Dolphy accepted another offer (this time from his friend John Coltrane, with whom Eric had recorded the legendary Africa-Brass sessions in May and June 1961), and returned to Europe for a new tour. (“For a long time”, Coltrane would later declare, “Eric Dolphy and I had been talking about all kinds of improvising techniques. Finally, I decided that as long as my band was working steadily, it made sense for Eric to join us.”) Both tours would yield amazing recordings, including the two Copenhagen concerts that were professionally taped by Prestige and issued as Eric Dolphy in Europe. Further concerts in Berlin, Germany (August 30, 1961) ; Uppsala, Sweden (September 4, 1961, from which we have taken our three bonus tracks) ; and Stockholm, Sweden (September 25, 1961), were also taped and have appeared on records. By that time, however, Dolphy’s name still wasn’t popular enough, and his avant garde music wasn’t massively accepted. Even such champions of his cause as famous German jazz critic Joachim E. Berendt, who organized his appearances in Berlin, were afraid of the audience’s reaction to his music. On Berendt’s TV show “Jazz — Gehort und Gesehen”, on August 30, 1961, Dolphy’s quintet with the expatriated American trumpeter Benny Bailey was to be the main attraction. However, it was finally decided to open the show with a couple of traditional acts (English jazzman Humphrey Littleton and singer Billie Poole). Dolphy was, thus, limited to perform in a relatively short final segment...
Our release presents, for the first time ever on a single set, all of the music recorded by the Eric Dolphy Quartet in Denmark on September 6 & 8, 1961. This material originally appeared divided into three separate LPs : Eric Dolphy in Europe Vols. 1 to 3 (Prestige PR7304, PR7350 and PR7366). None of them included the second take of “Don’t Blame Me”, which appeared on the compilation LP Here and There (Prestige PR7382).

Note : Although some LP issues of this music mistitled “Les” as “Miss Ann”, no proper version of “Miss Ann” exists from the Copenhagen concerts.
Morton James, from the booklet (2012)

Eric Dolphy
In Europe
The Complete 1961

Copenhagen Concerts


Cd. 1

1 Don’t Blame Me (Fields, McHugh)  11:08
2 When Lights Are Low (Carter, Williams)  12:08
3 Don’t Blame Me [take 2] (Fields, McHugh)  11:45
4 Les (Dolphy)  5:58
5 The Way You Look Tonight (Fields, Kern)  9:08
6 Woody’n You (Gillespie)  10:22
7 Laura (Mercer, Raksin)  13:12


Cd. 2

1 Glad To Be Unhappy (Hart, Rodgers) 6:16
2 God Bless The Child (Herzog, Holiday) 7:08
3 In The Blues [Takes 1-3] (Dolphy) 16:55
4 Hi-Fly (Weston) 13:27
5 Oleo (Rollins) 7:22
6 When Lights Are Low [bonus track] (Carter, Williams) 15:52
7 Laura [bonus track] (Mercer, Raksin) 6:51
8 52nd Street Theme [bonus track] (Monk) 1:44


[Cd. 1 - # 1-4]

Eric Dolphy - as, bass cl & fl
Bent Axen - p
Erik Moseholm - b
Jørn Elniff - dr
Recorded Live at Berlingske Has, Copenhagen, Denmark ; September 6, 1961.
[Cd. 1 - # 5-7, & Cd. 2 - # 1-5] Same as above, except
Chuck Israels - bass replaces Moseholm [cd. 2 # 4]
Recorded Live at Studentenforeningens Foredragssal, Copenhagen, Denmark ; September 8, 1961.
[Cd. 2 - # 6-8] Bonus Tracks
Eric Dolphy - as, bass cl
Ronny Johansson - p
Kurt Lindgren - b
Rune Carlsson - dr
Omit piano, bass and drums on “Laura”.
Recorded Live Live at Vastmanland-Dala Nation, Uppsala, Sweden ; September 4, 1961.


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