Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ed Bickert

It's always with a sense of victory that l sit back and grin when l hear music that is not afraid of being quiet, kind, and pretty. Such is the case with this record. l put it on and l heard some pieasant, relaxing sounds and that was that. Until the music stopped and suddenly l was missing its company. Nice music to go to sleep with and nice to wake up to. Would sound good on a sandy beach at sunset. Nice sound skiing down a slope too.
That's one of the reatly big troubles with this sort of sound : it'll never tell you the same story. It'll challenge your mood every time you hear it. And should you get really careless and listen, note for note, you‘ll wonder how come you hadn't heard that phrase like that before. It's maddeningly delightful.
It's even more maddening when you know the songs well and you are trying to remove years of dust oft the lyrics. Why aren't the lyrics on the back of this album you think. But I just told you that I couldn't remember them didn't l ? Besides, who knows what lyrics Ed Bickert was thinking about when he phrased these impossible slips, slides, runs and turns. Not to mention Don Thompson. Have you ever tried to paint white on white by numbers ? These guys probably do that every day.
What l've been trying to say ail this time is that Ed Bickert's Ed Bickert is full of challenging subtleties from all involved. But now, let me clear things up : Take this record home with you and play it a tot. Maybe you'll solve the riddle and surely your ears will love you.
And after all is said — or unsaid — it might as well be spring, indeed ! Smile...
Nighthawk, CBC Jazz Radio Canada, Jazz Critic Montreal Gazette, from the original notes

Ed Bickert
[Live at George's]


1 Come Rain Or Come Shine (Arlen, Mercer)  9:42
2 Where Are You ? (Adamson, McHugh)  4:28
3 When Sonny Gets Blue (Segal, Fisher)  5:50
4 It Might as Well be Spring (Hammerstein II, Rodgers)  5:50
5 Nancy with the Laughing Face (Silvers, VanHeusen)  4:35
6 Manhã de Carnaval (Peretti, Creatore, Weiss, Bonfa)  9:35


Ed Bickert - g
Don Thompson - b
Terry Clarke - dr

Recorded live at George's, Toronto, Canada ; June 1975


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