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Bud Shank Quintet & Sextet - New Groove & Barefoot Adventure

The two albums included here, New Groove, and Barefoot Adventure, present Bud Shank not only on alto sax, but also on baritone, an instrument he had played in clubs and as a sideman in sporadic studio sessions since the early ‘50s, but never before on his own recording dates. And while his alto has his customary command and fluency, his work on the less familiar baritone is equally impressive, the sound hard and driving, with expressive use of dynamics.
In these 1961 recordings, he fronts two similar groups, with a fresh approach, more groove-based and soulful, compared to previous works. With that in mind, he hired the young and talented trumpeter Carmell Jones, just arrived to the L.A. scene from Kansas City, whose warmth and enthusiasm on both sides are contagious. On Barefoot Adventure, the presence of Bob Cooper is felt throughout, with his tenor solos consistenly fluent and swinging.
In the rhythm, Dennis Budimir on guitar handles most of the comping chores in his puckish prodding way ; Gary Peacock shows he was developing into a reliable rhythm mate ; and Mel Lewis in the first date and Shelly Manne in the second, play with their celebrated taste, imagination, and musicianship.

Source :

Bud Shank
New Groove
Barefoot Adventure
(2 Lps On 1 Cd)
Feat. Carmell Jones & Bob Cooper


1 New Groove (Shank)  6:44
2 The Awakening (Shank)  4:24
3 White Lightnin’ (Shank)  5:20
4 Sultry Serenade (Ellington)  7:12
5 Well, You Needen’t (Monk)  6:57
6 Liddledabllduya (Peacock)  3:55
7 Barefoot Adventure (Shank)  4:12
8 Shoeless Beach Meeting (Shank)  4:05
9 Jungle Cruise (Shank)  4:44
10 How High the Makaha (Shank)  3:11
11 Well, ‘Pon My Soul (Shank)  4:14
12 Ala Moana (Shank)  2:15
13 Bruce Is Loose (Shank)  3:23
14 Dance of the Sea Monsters (Shank)  4:07


[# 1-6] from the Pacific album "New Groove" (Stereo-21)
Carmell Jones - tp
Bud Shank - as & bs
Dennis Budimir - g
Gary Peacock - b
Mel Lewis - dr
Recorded at Rex Productions, Los Angeles ; February 22, 1961
[# 7-14] from the Pacific album "Barefoot Adventure" (PJ-35)
Same as above, but
Bob Cooper - ts, is added
Shelly Manne - dr, replaces Mel Lewis
Recorded same place ; September 8, 1961


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Also issued as CD5 of Mosaic's 'The Pacific Jazz Bud Shank Studio Sessions [1956-61]'...

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