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Andreï Gavrilov Plays Alexander Scriabin

This is one of the most beautiful recordings of piano sound that I have heard on CD. It is not a sound to make you sit up with startled amazement, but then nor is most of the music here (this is the delicate, liquid Scriabin, the Scriabin of subtly-shot colours and intense but evanescent expression). Nor is Gavrilov's playing : even in those rare pieces in this recital that call for power and obvious virtuosity it is the controlled restraint with which he deploys these qualities that is most impressive, and elsewhere his playing has contained eloquence, a refined lyricism and an ability to convey almost secret, private emotions that is ideally suited to the music. He has all the mercurial light-fingeredness that the finale of the Fourth Sonata needs, and all the prestidigitation for the C-Sharp minor Etude (Stunning performances both), but it is his ability to be still and to concentrate on the poised unfolding of an epigrammatic phrase that make these performances such distinguished examples of Scriabin playing.
The recording discreetly echoes them : not too close, and with gradations of colour rendered as faithfully as those of dynamic. A record to convert even Scriabin's detractors.'
Michael Oliver

Source : http://www.gramophone.co.uk/review/scriabin-piano-works-13

Andreï Gavrilov
Alexander Scriabin


1 Prelude, Op. 13 n° 1 C Major. Maestoso  2:38
2 Prelude, Op. 13 n° 2 in A Minor. Allegro  0:36
3 Prelude, Op. 13 n° 3 in G Major. Andante  1:40
4 Prelude, Op. 15 n° 5 in C-Sharp Minor. Andante  1:20
5 Prelude, Op. 15 n° 1 in G-Sharp Minor. Allegro  1:44
6 Prelude, Op. 16 n° 2 in G-Sharp Minor. Allegro  1:09
7 Prelude, Op. 16 n° 4 in E-Flat Minor. Lento  1:38
8 Prelude, Op. 9 n° 1 in C-Sharp Minor. Andante  2:37
9 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 2 in A Minor. Allegretto  1:49
10 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 4 in E Minor. Lento  2:07
11 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 5 in D Major. Andante cantabile  1:40
12 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 6 in B Minor. Allegro & n° 8 in F-Sharp Minor. Allegro Agitato  1:42
13 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 9 in E Major. Andantino  1:49
14 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 10 in C-Sharp Minor. Andante  1:22
15 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 11 in B Major. Allegro Assai  1:06
16 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 12 in G-Sharp Minor. Andante  2:07
17 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 13 in G-Flat Major. Lento  1:32
18 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 14 in E-Flat Minor. Presto  0:58
19 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 16 in B-Flat Minor. Misterioso  2:27
20 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 18 in F Minor. Allegro agitato  0:44
21 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 20 in C Minor. Appassionato  0:51
22 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 22 in G Minor. Lento  1:06
23 Prelude, Op. 11 n° 24 in D Minor. Presto  0:45

24 Sonata n° 4 in Op. 30 - Andante - Prestissimo volando  7:30

15 Étude, Op. 42 n° 5 in C-Sharp Minor  2:40


Andrei Gavrilov - p

Recorded in Praga ; 1984 ?


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