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The Great Artistry of Django Reinhardt

This is the Django Reinhardt who might have been, recorded only two months before his death from a stroke. With a French bop rhythm section in tow, he thoroughly adapts himself to the prevailing idiom while allowing himself plenty of gypsy-flavored runs and those unique harmonic turns of phrase. Reinhardt's sharp attacks, fast runs, vibrato, and bright tone on electric guitar delineate the links to Les Paul much more clearly than his acoustic guitar recordings do (explicitly so in one of Paul's famous vehicles, "Brazil"), and runs like those on "Confessin'" must have had an effect upon Chet Atkins. Clearly, Reinhardt would have been a leading, distinctive light of mainstream bop-grounded jazz had he lived and toured outside France. He could also play the blues convincingly on the cool, swinging, and droll "Blues for Ike" (for the newly inaugurated President Eisenhower ?) Nevertheless, there is a strain of melancholy that runs through most of this collection, nowhere more so than in his heart-stopping closing rendition of his tune "Manoir de mes Rêves" (also known as "Django's Castle") ; one could read a portent of impending mortality into this. Issued on 10" LPs in the 1950s, first on Mercury, then on Clef, mutilated in the '70s with overdubs by a group called Guitars Unlimited, and not issued on CD until the early '90s, these sessions have not been given their due among historians. But they are indispensable for a total understanding of his music.
Richard S. Ginell

Source :

Django Reinhardt
et ses Rythmes
The Great Artistry...


1 Nuages (Reinhardt)  3:16
2 Night and Day (Porter)  2:51
3 Insensiblement (Misraki)  3:08
4 Blues for Ike (Reinhardt)  3:23
5 Brazil (Barroso)  2:26
6 September Song (Weill, Anderson)  2:33
7 Confessin' That I Love You (Neiburg, Daugherty)  3:39
8 Manoir de mes Rêves (Reinhardt)  2:36


Django Reinhardt - g
Maurice Vander - p
Pierre Michelot - b
Jean-Louis Viale - dr

Recorded in Paris ; March 10, 1953


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I have these both as records. I bought them in the 70's and got the digital versions when they came out. Actually, I kind of like the Guitars Unlimited versions as well, but then I like all those multi-guitar things! Look folks, if you don't have this material get it and hear a true master!

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