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Milt Jackson & Wes Montgomery - Bags Meets Wes

Milt Jackson was 38 when, in December 1961, he co-led this superb hard-bop date with the distinctive guitarist Wes Montgomery. A jazzman who was as opinionated as he was gifted, Jackson wouldn't hesitate to tell you exactly what he thought of a musician — so when he praised Montgomery, you knew his praise was genuine. Not surprisingly, the boppers prove to be quite compatible on Bags Meets Wes, which finds them co-leading an all star-quintet that also includes pianist Wynton Kelly, bassist Sam Jones, and drummer Philly Joe Jones (who shouldn't be confused with swing drummer Jo Jones). Although Jackson and Montgomery prove what lyrical ballad players they could be on the standard "Stairway to the Stars," ballads aren't a high priority on this album. Instead, the improvisers put more of their energy into the blues — and the 12-bar format serves them well on "Sam Sack," "Blue Roz," and "S.K.J." Equally strong are hard-swinging versions of Montgomery's "Jingles" and Benny Golson's "Stablemates." Originally released on LP by Riverside in the early 1960s, Bags Meets Wes has been reissued several times over the years. When Fantasy reissued it on CD for the Original Jazz Classics (OJC) series, the label added alternate takes of "Jingles," "Stairway to the Stars," and "Delilah"...
Alex Henderson

Source :
Milt Jackson
Wes Montgomery
Bags Meets Wes !
(Japanese 20 bit K2 super coding)


1 S.K.J. (Jackson)  5:17
2 Stablemates (Golson)  5:48
3 Stairway to the Stars [take 3] (Malneck, Parish, Signorelli)  3:38
4 Blue Roz (Montgomery)  4:47
5 Sam Sack (Jackson)  6:06
6 Jingles [take 9] (Montgomery)  6:56
7 Delilah [take 4] (Young)  6:13
8 Stairway to the Stars [take 2] (Malneck, Parish, Signorelli)  3:46
9 Jingles [take 8] (Montgomery)  6:52
10 Delilah [take 3] (Young)  6:18


Milt Jackson - vb
Wes Montgomery - g
Wynton Kelly - p
Sam Jones - b
Philly Joe Jones - dr

Recorded at Plaza Sound Studios, New York City ; December 18 [# 2-4, 6, 8-9] ; & 19 [other selections], 1961.


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I found your site just today via Dark Blue Notes. Looks like you haven't been discovered widely yet, but there is already a large treasure chest here awaiting those that follow. Congrats on some fine work so far.

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This sounds like the capper to a great night. I've got to DL the Pablo All-Stars f. Ronnie Scott. As an underage Yank, I went to Scott's London pub many a time and saw incredible acts, from Barney Kessel to Dr. John.

At 16, alone in London, to open a "What's On" weekly and see so many great acts at so many venues, Ronnie's place always stood out as a haven to quality and respect. Woefully, despite the decline in venues and real pubs since the 80s, and the fact Ronnie's pub still shines, his mark on music is entirely out of line with the dire lack of respect and admiration he receives.

This coming from a rock fan Yank kid in London in 1982.

Great blog!

Any chance you've got some Oscar Peterson live? I've got this killer album from mid 60s, not on CD, and I can't recall the title. It's a poorly recorded gig (bad mic-ing/engineering), and you can clearly hear Oscar humming the licks and phrases into form before his fingers hit ivory. Any real musician should respect this recording simply to see the way his mind shaped countless opportunities into a performance.

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