Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Listening to... le Jazz

“You think you know how to listen to jazz, as you know certain terms such as a chorus, a ballad, a riff, scat, etc. However, anyone can applaud at the wrong time in mid-concert, or fail to recognize the part of the main phrase in the bridge of the 16th bar! For newbies and connoisseurs alike, Professor Jacques Morgantini enables the former to learn and the latter to consolidate the culture necessary to love jazz even more.  An exemplary selection is analyzed in a 24-page booklet so you can really listen to jazz.”
Patrick Frémeaux (from the booklet)

Various Artists
Listening to
Le Jazz


1 Gettysburg March (trad.)  4:16
2 Potato Head Blues (Armstrong)  2:58
3 Oh ! Didn't He Ramble (Handy, Randall)  3:14
4 Dusk (Ellington)  3:22
5 C jam Blues (Ellington)  2:41
6 Kaisers Last Break (Mezzrow)  4:30
7 The King (Basie)  3:14
8 Bye and Bye (trad.)  2:36
9 Star Dust (Parisj, Carmichael)  6:45
10 Wild Man Blues (Morton, Armstrong)  3:18
11 Black & Tan Fantasy (Ellington, Miley)  2:53
12 Doggin' Arround (Evans, Battle)  2:56
13 Rock-A-Bye Basie (Basie, Young)  3:04
14 Wednesday Night Hop (Kirk, Johnakins)  3:05
15 Christopher Columbus (Berry, Razaf)  3:00
16 Riding on 52th Street (Hawkins)  2:52
17 Stompy Jones (Ellington)  3:06
18 Sidewalks of New York (Ellington)  3:16
19 Margie (Davis, Robinson, Conrad)  3:02
20 Portrait of the Lion (Ellington)  2:31
21 Baby Won't you Please Come Home (Williams, Warfield)  3:18


Featuring Edmond Hall, Kid Ory, Bill Newman, Louis Armstrong, Baby Dodds, Lil Hardin, Jelly Roll Morton, Mezz Mezzrow, Duke Ellington, Barney Bigard, Johnny Hodges, Mary Lou Williams, Count Basie, Freddie Green, Jo Jones, Zutty Singleton, Johnny St-Cyr, Lionel Hampton, Sidney De Paris, Sidney Bechet, Jimmy Hamilton, Fred Guy, Coleman Hawkins, Fletcher Henderson, Wallace Jones, Cliff Jackson, Cootie Williams, John Kirby, etc.

Recorded in different locations ; between May 10, 1927 & August 10, 1954

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