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Joe Puma Quartet & Trio – Jazz

Mellow modernism from Joe Puma – one of those guitarists who appeared on countless 50s sessions, then really seemed to disappear from records as the 60s wore on. This album's one of Puma's best – an easily swinging session that flows with warm group interplay, and which never seems to get bogged down in the traps that sometimes plagued sessions of this nature. Side one features a trio with Puma on guitar, Eddie Costa on vibes, and Oscar Pettiford on bass – a very good choice to accompany the other two – and side two features Puma and Pettiford, plus Bill Evans on piano and Paul Motian on drums. Titles include "Mother Of Earl", "Stablemates", "Ubas", and "Blues For Midge".
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Joe Puma
Quartet & Trio – Jazz


1 Ubas (Pettiford)  5:02
2 Blues For Midge (Puma)  5:50
3 Stablemates (Golson)  5:47
4 I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good (Ellington, Webster)  4:37
5 Mother Of Earl (Zindars)  4:34
6 Indian Summer (Herbert, Dubin)  7:06


[# 1-3]
Joe Puma - g
Eddie Costa - vb
Oscar Pettiford - b
Recorded in New York City ; 1957
[# 4-6]
Joe Puma - g
Bill Evans - p
Oscar Pettiford - b
Paul Motian - dr
Recorded in New York City ; 1957


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