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Gipsy Jazz School - Django's Legacy

Gypsy jazz guitar may have started with Django Reinhardt, but as this two-CD set amply demonstrates, it didn't end with him. The first disc gathers rare recordings from some of Reinhardt's contemporaries, including the brothers Baro, Matelo, and Sarane Ferret, who experimented with blending musette waltz rhythms with swing harmony ; Henri Crolla, who was the guitarist on many of Yves Montand's classic recordings ; and Django's younger brother Joseph, who was an excellent guitarist in his own right, but was unfortunately overshadowed by his more flamboyant sibling. The second disc is devoted to modern players who are carrying on the tradition, such as Django's son Babik Reinhardt, Biréli Lagrene, Stochelo Rosenberg, Tchavolo Schmitt, Jimmy Rosenberg, and Fapy Lafertin. The collection is rounded out by a 100-page booklet in English and French that includes dozens of photos, biographies of the musicians, and a brief but informative history of Gypsy jazz. Django Reinhardt left behind hundreds of recordings, but as the tracks on Gypsy Jazz School suggest, his true musical legacy lives in the guitarists he inspired.
Michael Simmons

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Gipsy Jazz School
Django's Legacy


Cd. 1

Django Reinhardt
1 Nuages (Reinhardt)  0:29
Django Reinhardt & Stéphane Grappelli
2 I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (Berlin)  2:20
3 Souvenirs (Reinhardt, Grappelli)  2:43
Joseph Reinhardt & Son Ensemble
4 Un Peu De Rêve (Reinhardt)  2:53
5 Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Pinkard, Casey)  2:30
Sarane Ferret & Le Swing Quintet De Paris
6 Swing 39 (Reinhardt)  2:50
7 Tiger Rag (La Rocca)  2:17
Pierre Baro Ferret & Son Ensemble
8 Panique (Ferret)  2:29
9 La Folle (Ferret, Privat)  2’08
Jean Matelo Ferret & Son Ensemble Guitare-Boogie
10 La Jolie Sardane (Trénet)  2:57
11 Le Saint-Bonheur (Stern, Barclay)  2:21
Jacques Montagne & Sa Guitare
12 Night In Tunisia (Gillespie)  3:41
13 Charmaine (Rapée)  3:47
Tchan Tchou
14 La Gitane (Tchan-Tchou Vidal)  2:37
15 The Cheik Of Araby (Snyder)  2:32
16 Brise Napolitaine (Guerino)  1:50
17 Les Yeux Noirs (trad.)  2:14
Eugène Vées Quartette
18 Songe D’Automne (Joyce)  3:51
19 Pour Que Ma Vie Demeure (Reinhardt)  4:14
Lousson Reinhardt Quartette
20 Love Is Here To Stay (Gershwin)  2:05
Henri Crolla & Son Trio
21 I Want To Be Happy (Yeumans, Caesar)  1:35
22 Just A Gigolo (Casucci)  2v44
23 Mon Homme (Yvain)  3:09
Django Reinhardt
24 Interview - Yesterdays (Kern)  2:26
Léo Chauliac
25 Messe (Reinhardt)  7:33


Cd. 2

Babik Reinhardt
1 Nuit De Saint-Germain-Des-Prés (Reinhardt)  2’51
Fapy Lafertin
2 Wonderful You (Sharp)  4:00
New Quintet Du Hot Club De France
3 New For Me (Romane)  4:44
René Mailhes
4 Song For Mac Kak (Reilles)  4:20
The Rosenberg Trio
5 Bossa Dorado (Schmitt)  3:29
Tchavolo Schmitt
6 Alors ?... Voilà (Romane)  4:03
Bireli Lagrène
7 Bireli Swing 1979 (Lagrène)  5:50
Christian Escoudé
8 La Ronde (Lewis)  3:37
9 Gypsy Rag (Romane)  4:06
Patrick Saussois & Alma Sinti
10 The Song Is You (Kern)  4:07
Angelo Debarre
11 Cherokee (Noble)  3:47
Raphaël Faÿs
12 Stranger In Paradise (Wright, Forest)  3:15
Francis Alfred Moerman
13 Le Retour Du Forain (Moerman)  2:17
Frank Vignola
14 I Surrender Dear (Barry, Clifford)  4:41
15 Tchan Tchou (Moreno)  4:04


Featuring Django Reinhardt, Stéphane Grappelli, Joseph Reinhardt, Sarane Ferret, Baro Ferret, Matelo Ferret, Jacques Montagne, Bousquet, Eugène Vées, Henri Crolla, Babik Reinhardt, Fapy Lafertin, René Mailhes, Tchavolo Schmitt, Biréli Lagrène, Christian Escoudé, Romane, Angélo Debarre, etc...

Recorded between September 1938 & 2002

(See the complete artwork for all details)


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