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Dave Pell - Jazz and Romantic Places

In the midst of the 1950s, Dave Pell was one of the so-called "cool" jazz musicians on the West Coast of the United States, though he hasn't received as much recognition as others. Utilizing a variety of charts by talented arrangers including Johnny Mandel, Marty Paich, Jack Montrose, Wes Hensel, and Shorty Rogers (who also conducted the sessions), Pell's octet interprets the charts with gusto. For those not familiar with Pell's work, these sessions are similar in nature to recordings by Gerry Mulligan. The outstanding group includes baritone saxophonist Bob Gordon, trumpeter Don Fagerquist, and trombonist Ray Sims. In addition to the usual standards, Pell delves into infrequently heard gems like "Shuffle Off to Buffalo" (from the Broadway musical 42nd Street) and even a playful take of "Deep in the Heart of Texas."
Ken Dryden

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Dave Pell
Jazz and Romantic Places


1 How Are Things in Glocca Morra (Harburg, Lane)  2:59
2 On a Slow Boat to China (Loesser)  3:56
3 Memphis in June (Carmichael, Webster)  2:56
4 Paris in the Spring (Gordon, Revel)  2:56
5 London in July (Cahn, Duke)  4:28
6 Isle of Capri (Gross, Kennedy)  2:35
7 The White Cliffs of Dover (Burton, Kent)  2:56
8 Sunday in Savannah (Mackay)  3:22
9 Deep in the Heart of Texas (Hershey, Swander)  4:07
10 Shuffle off to Buffalo (Dubin, Warren)  3:41
11 New Orleans (Carmichael)  3:26
12 Flying Fown to Rio (Eliscu, Kahn)  2:46


Dave Pell - ts
Bob Gordon - bs
Don Fagerquist - tp
Ray Sims - tb
Donn Trenner - p & cel
Tony Rizzi - g
Buddy Clark - b
Bill Richmond - dr

Recorded in Hollywood, California ; April 1955


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Thanks for posting this great side. Please note, however, that Collectibles listed the tracks in the correct order on the tray art but cued them incorrectly on the CD such that side 2 (tracks 7 - 12) play before side 1. The sound is so good, though, that all you have to do is rename the files and you're good to go. I love this recording because Tony Rizzi plays some lovely acoustic guitar parts which are beautifully recorded at the old Capitol Melrose studio.

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Dave Pell Octet - Jazz and Romantic Places (1955)

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By the way, the scrambled track problem also shows up on the 30 second clips posted for the album on All Music Guide: tracks 1-6 should be 7-12, and tracks 7-12 should be 1-6.

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