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Claude Williamson mulls the Mulligan scene

Claude Williamson mulls the Mulligan scene merely means making Mulligan's music more pianistic : The word mull can take on many meanings, but in this instance it has to do with the interesting presentation of this collection of successful instrumentals with a group featuring piano, whereas the original recordings of these tunes by Gerry have been unique in that they had no piano in their instrumentation ("blue at the Roots" is the exception). To make the conception of these composition more unique, Claude Williamson is actually featured by four hands on two pianos. When the idea for this album first was discussed, the plan was to have Claude play a duet with another pianist. Finally, it was decided that Claude would actually play the four hands by the simple process of playing on a second track over the original one.

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Claude Williamson
Mulls The Mulligan Scene
With his Twin
Jazz Pianos & Trio


1 Walkin’ Shoes  3:20
2 Limelight  2:40
3 Westwood Walk  2:37
4 A Ballad  2:43
5 Utter Chaos  4:49
6 Bark for Barksdale  3:22
7 Simbah  2:36
8 Blue at the Roots  5:45
9 Apple Core  2:52
10 Line for Lyons  3:16
11 Ontet  4:35

All Compositions by Gerry Mulligan


Claude Williamson - p
Howards Roberts - g
Red Mitchell - b
Stan Levey - d

Recorded in Los Angeles, 1958

Originally released on Criterion Records LP-CR-601


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