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Al Caiola & Friends

When guitarist Al Caiola (1920) moved to New York after graduating he was quickly hired as a staff musician by CBS, where his skill and adaptability guaranteed him a heavy radio and TV schedule until he left in 1956 ; he was, in fact, one of the busiest, most successful and respected session men in New York City throughout the 1950s and 1960s. In 1955, at the peak of his success, he recorded Deep in a Dream and Serenade in Blue for Savoy Records, two albums which focused on a meticulous and reverent treatment of a collection of well-known standards and of his own originals. Technically impeccable, on these Caiola is backed by an excellent rhythm section, with pianist Hank Jones demonstrating his usual warmth and skill, aided by drummer Kenny Clarke and bassist Clyde Lombardi.
Another asset is the assured, tasteful, lyrical, big-toned trumpet and flugelhorn of swing-era veteran Bernie Privin and, on four tracks, the multi-faceted reedman Romeo Penque and the young English pianist Ronnie Ball. Caiola, who worked on many shows in the early days of TV, was so multi-faceted and versatile that, when rock ‘n’ roll became popular, he  adapted easily to the new genre, and for years was much in demand as a session guitarist. At all times he remained the consummate professional.

Source :

Al Caiola
Deep in a Dream
Serenade in Blue
[Savoy Recordings]


1 Deep in a Dream (Van Heusen, DeLange)  4:32
2 You Are Too Beautiful (Rodgers, Hart)  2:20
3 There Will Never Be Another You (Warren, Gordon)  3:47
4 Love Letters (Young, Heyman)  4:12
5 I’ve Got a Crush on You (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:54
6 Thunderbird (Caiola)  4:56
7 I Got It Bad (and that Ain’t Good) (Ellington)  4:28
8 Everything Happens to Me (Dennis, Adair)  4:32
9 Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me (Bloom, Koehler)  4:48
10 Moments Like This (Lane, Loesser)  5:03
11 Indian Summer (Herbert, Dubin)  5:00
12 Drambuie (Caiola)  2:55
13 Serenade in Blue (Warren, Gordon)  4:35
14 Early Autumn (Burns, Herman, Mercer)  4:12
15 Black and Blue (Waller, Brooks)  3:40
16 Blue the Night (Caiola)  4:20


[# 1-8] from the Savoy album “Deep in a Dream” (MG12033)
Al Caiola - g
Bernie Privin - tp & flghrn
Hank Jones - p
Clyde Lombardi - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Recorded at Van Gelder’s Studio, Hackensack, New Jersey ; October 6, [# 1-4] ; & October 8, [# 5-8] 1955
[# 9-16] from the Savoy album “Serenade in Blue” (MG12057)
 * [# 9-12]
Al Caiola - g
Romeo Penque - fl, b cl & english hrn
Hank Jones - p
Clyde Lombardi - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
 * [# 13-16]
Al Caiola - g
Bernie Privin - tp & flghrn
Ronnie Ball - p
Clyde Lombardi - b
Kenny Clarke - dr
Recorded same place as above ; December 14, 1955 [# 9-12] ; & December 27, 1955 [#13-16]


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